How to Earn By Being an Actor or an Actress

In order to achieve success as an actor, it is necessary that you really have a passion for the art of acting and the patience for waiting your big break to come. Pursuing acting can be a very rewarding experience; however, landing a job is very challenging as well. Being an actor or an actress calls for a lot of dedication and determination.


  • Make a final decision on what your ultimate goal is. Do you aim to pursue acting as an amateur or as a professional? If you decide to be a professional, you have many options.
  • Relocate to a major city with the help of professional moving services provided by removalists melbourne. Typically up-and-coming actors and actresses move to New York or Los Angeles where acting work is more plentiful. As you construct your curriculum vitae of your job experiences, you can also go to other prime cosmopolitan places that have active film or theater communities.

  • Take acting lessons. The best actors and actresses never stop learning. Research what class type is best for you by asking an acknowledged pro for recommendations and suggestions.
  • Find a great photographer who can take your headshots. A headshot is an 8×10 portrait of you and is used by agents and casting directors during their process of deciding which actor or actress they want to hire.
  • Create a resume containing all your work experiences. Clean up your resume as you get more jobs and remove items like school plays and other less professional performances.
  • Send out your curriculum vitae and your headshot along with a concise cover letter to all legitimate agents and casting directors. Follow through every four to six months by sending them updates on your most recent acting projects.
  • Check the various trade papers on a regular basis, examples of which are Dramalogue, Variety, Backstage and The Ross Reports. Check also online publications like Try to stay in the know of what is being cast in which places. Send requests for auditions along with your headshots to producers and directors as appropriate.
  • Accept invitations and attend industry parties and events so you can meet more professionals in the acting industry. Widening your social circle is very important and could play a part in you landing more acting roles, so networking is important.
  • Never lose faith and try to persevere. Rejection is a big part of seeking an acting career, but you need to have tough skin and take negative comments as constructive criticism.

Tips & Warnings

  • The acting business is a tough one, so ensure that your character and personality suits the ups and downs of this business. Amateur theater is a good first step for those who are just starting out with acting.
  • Do not pay heed to negative stereotypes regarding actors and actresses. Keep in mind that you can never stop people from thinking what they want to think; rather, what’s important is that you know who you are as a person.

Beware of suspicious services offered to actors and actresses; there are many sham offers that take advantage of new actors and actresses

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