How to Dust Up Your HDTV Flat Screen TV

The modern world has invented many electronic gadgets. The more we have advantages the equal disadvantages are present. The gadgets are to be properly maintained for their proper operation. A simple dust if unseen or removed for a long period would cause a malfunction in the device. Hence the devices must be properly dusted and kept clean. Certain devices are delicate and are to be cleaned with care. Such a device is the HDTV. The flat screen of the TV has to be handled carefully while cleaning and some proper steps are advised as follows.


We must have cleaning kit specially made for the HDTV flat screen. We can buy this kit from any departmental store or electronics goods shop. The cleaning kit has to be proper. It should contain the following list of materials in it as described.

  • The cleaning liquid is not any ordinary fluid. It has a special formula to clean up the dirt in the HDTV flat screen. We must buy a fluid which could be used to handle the other type of screens like plasma, LED, and LCD also.
  • The next thing the kit should contain is the cloth. It isn’t any ordinary cloth, it is a microfiber cloth. The cloth is specially designed so as not to leave any scratch on the screen. It has good absorbing capability so that it can absorb the oil and other dirt. It is made of micro fibers.
  • The next thing is the polishing cloth. The polishing cloth has to form a chamois. This is for very sensitive screens.
  • Some people would not be interested in buying the cleaning solution. For them there are certain products used in home which can be mixed to form a cleaning solution. For such a mixture we need vinegar and lukewarm water. We should not use tape water which has the minerals which may cause certain damages to the TV screen. We have to use soft or distilled water. In the ratio of 1:1 we have to mix the softened water and vinegar to form the cleaning solution. We have to move to next steps after doing this.
  • Now we are ready to clean the HDTV flat screen. First of all we have to turn off the HDTV and allow it to cool. On any case we should not clean with the HDTV switched on. We have to use the micro fiber cloth to clean the HDTV flat screen first. It removes the dust and dirt particles along with the oil dirt. In case the oil dirt is very hard to wipe out then we can make use of the cleaning solution we bought or we can make use of the home made cleaning solution which is mixture of soft water and vinegar. We have to moisten the fiber cloth with the cleaning solution and use the portion to clean up the dirt. We can repeat this step unless we get a clean result.
  • The final step is using the micro chamois cloth. We have to wipe the screen with this cloth in order to dry the screen which has been moistened by the cleaning solution. With a clean screen we can obtain an image quality of good resolution.

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