How to Dust Up a VCR or Television

In most of the average homes the VCR and the television is commonly seen entertainment system. Even though there is a technological development in entertainment systems by the arrival of LED, LCD TVs, DVD players, computers etc. the VCR and TV are still being in use of majority homes. Due to their regular usage we have to maintain them properly. These devices are easily prone to dust and dirt. Hence for their proper operation we need to dust them up or clean them. In order to clean a device we have to follow these steps.


The very first step is our safety. We must unplug the device cables. This helps us in making sure that the device is disconnected from the electricity. We have to remove the plugs of both VCR and TV from the sockets. We must also disconnect the connection between the VCR and TV. We can keep the VCR in a separate table so that we can clean it easily.

  • We can start cleaning with TV. The TV would be used in our home for many years so there may be more dirt and dust present in it. This dust formation may reduce the life of the equipment. The heat emitted in the equipment has to cool but due to the dust formation it may not occur so we have to remove the dirt formed.
  • The TV screen has to be cleaned first. The screen magnetizes the dust particles present around it and attracts them. Hence we can use a dust buster or electrostatic dusting cloth to remove this dust. For better results we have to do this weekly once.
  • After dusting the screen we have to clean it with cloth with glass cleaner sprayed on it. This removes any grip dirt present on the screen and result in a clear screen.
  • For the body of the TV we can use the furniture polish. We have to spray it in the cloth and wipe around the body leaving the screen.
  • We have to clean all the buttons and knobs of the TV. For this purpose we can use the natural cleaner available. The next thing to be cleaned is the remote control. We must also replace the batteries in case we do get proper signal from it.

After when we have cleaned the TV we have to clean the VCR.

  • We must clean the VCR with the help of the electrostatic cloth.
  • Next the same furniture polish which was used during for TV can be used to clean the VCR remote control and casing.
  • We must remove the dust from cable connectors in the TV by wiping it.
  • After cleaning the VCR we have to replace it in its place and connect it to the TV and the power.
  • We have to insert the tape clear provided for the VCR and play it till it automatically stops. We have to repeat the process again by rewinding. If we are using the VCR regularly we have to do this once in a week.

Thus these are the steps to clean the TV and VCR. After cleaning them we have to connect them and test whether they are working properly.

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