How to Dress up for Work if you are 50 plus

Work is something that most people are very competitive about. However, the common notion is that people who are 50 plus are not as good competitors as those below. It’s time for you to prove the notion wrong, by not only performing better work but also by dressing up in a fine way. Although physical look is nothing but a shallow determinant for competition in work, but it still reinforces confidence in you.

If you are 50 plus, follow these guidelines when you dress up:


  • Follow a code for dressing up. All companies have a definite dress code, and particularly if there are no uniforms. This dress code is to be compulsorily followed by young and old alike. To dress up according to the specified dress code is a suitable option.

  • Keep in mind your comfort while dressing up. Being comfortable to deliver a good performance is much more significant than dressing up according to fashion. Therefore, as you stick to the dress code, be comfortable as well. In case the company requires you to dress up in a skirt, do not wear a skirt too short. Go in for longer skirts in case you are unconfident about showing your legs.
  • Go in for conservative and respectable dresses. People who are 50 plus are usually anticipated to wear something respectable and conservative to the work place. Women who are younger may go ahead and flaunt their cleavage or wear a short skirt. But as a 50 plus, you should go in for something that is not so revealing and shows less skin. The thing is not that you don’t have a social right to show off your cleavage or legs. But if you stick to wearing decent clothes, people will respect you more.
  • Make sure your dresses are clean. If you are clean and tidy, it shows how professional you are. Therefore, even if your work is not indoors, ensure that your dress is clean and tidy. This gives you a decent, clean, smart as well professional look.
  • Follow the trend while dressing up. If you wish to have a newer look, try and go in for a new look. This will give you a very fresh and new appeal. Something new does not imply a pair of skinny, low waist jeans or many bangles in your hands. Try to notice some celebrities your age and their dress-sense. They maybe 50 plus but their dress-sense is still fashionable and trendy. There maybe a lot of trendy clothes as well as accessories which are suitable and perfect for your age. Go in for something that gives you comfort, makes you look trendy and helps you to maintain your decency.
  • Choose classic dresses. In case you are too confused to decide onto anything, follow the traditional and conventional trend for office wear. Classic is synonymous to timeless and at 50 plus, you are at the age when you are timeless. Classic dresses are those that are forever trendy. Therefore, a good option will be to invest your money on slacks, coats as well as sandals of plain colors. All these items will not only make you look decently dressed but also very professional.
  • Always wear your undergarments. Undergarments give your body a shape. Of course these can’t make you look thinner, but they definitely will look after your dress for a decent look. They give your dresses a better hold on your body for a perfect fit.

To wear something is definitely not an acceptable option, no matter if you are 50 plus. 50 plus certainly does not imply to be unfashionable. To follow these simple tips and dress in a decent and respectable as well as trendy way will reinforce not only your self-confidence but also the confidence of other people in you.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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