How to Draw a Cat

Cats are very lovable. Someone estimated that the cat is the most favorite pet of all animals. Now, this isn’t scientific fact, but we all know that cats are warm and fuzzy. Some are gentle little creatures others are not. If you are interested in learning to draw, then drawing your cat will be the best to begin. People who draw animals find it easy to draw a picture of a cat. Other animals may be a little more complicated to draw if you are just starting out.  Start with the basics and don’t be afraid to try. With a little practice you will e drawing a full portrait of any little kitty. Follow these instructions and you will be a pro in no time. Read on for more information.

Items You Will Need For This Project:

  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Sketch pads

Step 1

Begin by drawing a large circle on a plain piece of paper. This will be your little cat’s head. Now, you will need to add ears. Do this by drawing two little triangles right onto the head. Place the left ear toward the left side of the head and the same for the right ear.

Step 2

Draw to little circles for eyes. Position them in the top part of the face/ head. Use your pencil to shade on the little circles. Now draw triangle point downwards right in the center of the two eyes. Can you guess what this is? That’s right. The nose of the cat.

Step 3

Begin at the lower part of the nose you just drew and draw a line that extends halfway to the lower portion of the circle. At the lower part of the line draw a line that looks like the letter “U”. This is your cat’s mouth. Feel free to give your cat some personality by adding whiskers.

Step 4

Draw a complete outline around the cat’s body. The circle starts beneath the cat’s  head.

Step 5

Now add the details of your new furry friend. Give the cat some legs and some paws along body. Do this by making two little, egg shaped paws a few inches beneath the body. One paw will be located behind another paw. Repeat the same for the rear paws. Make lines that connect the paws on to the actual body. This will make your cat come alive. He almost has everything needed.

Step 6

Your cat has everything except for the most important part. The cat needs a tail. Draw a tail by making it a curved thin line. It can be in any direction you choose it to be.

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