How to Do Pressing in Massage

Pressing is a stroke performed with the pads of the thumbs. The thumbs can press alternately (as over the palms), singly or one on top of the other (as over the forehead) where the body does not need to be supported. Pressing is used to release the muscles over a specific, usually small, area. The technique works best on soft, sensitive areas where you could not use kneading or squeezing, but are not too muscular so you can press over the bone. This type of thumb pressure aims at general tension release. You may cover pressure points, but this is not the main purpose of the strokes. The movements can either be slow and deep, or quicker to cover an area rapidly, and are usually used together with loosening strokes.

The forehead

Resting your fingers at the side of the head, place one thumb over the other in the centre of the forehead. Beginning just above the eyebrows, press lightly with the thumbs and then release. Keep pressing up the forehead, each time starting a little further up, and continue to the hairline, then repeat.

Pressing in Massage

The palms

Support the hand from underneath with your fingers and place your thumbs over the top. Press down with the length of one thumb, release and repeat the movement with the other. Press alternately with the thumbs quite firmly over the palm, with most of the pressure coming from the pads.

The soles

Support the foot with your fingers and place your thumbs over the sole. Press down with the length of one thumb, release, then press with the other, covering as much of the sole as you can. Include the heel, but be very gentle over the instep. Firm pressure avoids any accidental tickling.

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