How to Differentiate CDMA and GSM

The abbreviation of GSM is global system for mobile communications. CDMA stands for code division multiple accesses. The cell phone signals are carried and transmitted by 2 systems.

Technologies like tdma and fdma are used by GSM. The bandwidth is separated into many timeslots which allows the user to use it at required times.

A part of bandwidth is allotted to the CDMA and it is specifically coded for a particular individual.

  • There are various factors which are to be considered before signing in with the cell phone device. Majority of the carriers like AT and T and sprint use any one system.

  • Both the systems are being used all over the world. But the coverage depends on the area. Depending on the area where you are living you should check with each cell phone as to know which has the best coverage in your area. The CDMA signal is stronger in rural areas and the GSM is stronger in some other areas.
  • Certain countries have both GSM and CDMA systems. Different areas have different bandwidths however. 3 bandwidths are used by GSM namely GSM 1900, GSM 1800 and GSM 900. These are being used in Europe and Asia. And United States operates GSM 1900. A cellphone has triband capacity if operates on all the 3 bandwidths.
  • However the CDMA makes all the frequency bands useable to the user. Every individual user is coded only with a certain portion. Certain parts of asia uses the CDMA technology but united states and other parts in the world makes use of this GSM technology.
  • Only if you have the roaming capacity you can take your mobile outside United States. If a particular individual is using a GSM network then he can use the SIM card and cell phone that he used in his hometown. But this cannot be worked with CDMA.
  • The CDMA is the safest among the 2 systems. This property is because the bandwidth alone is not shared and just getting a timeslot but a part is encoded to every individual.
  • If you use your phone for downloading songs, receive and send pictures and various other operations other than making calls the speed rate at which a data is sent and received should also be noted. Among the 2 technologies, the CDMA is regarded to be faster than the GSM.
  • The CDMA format depends on the provider of the cell phone and this system makes use of the R-UIM card. The meaning of this is that the cellular phone will be locked and no other provider of service can make use this cell phone. On the contrary the GSM technology can use any sim card it its cell phone. The changing of sim cards helps the user to use the same sim card in different cell phones. Hence he can change his cell phone whenever he wants. In United States the GSM phone makes use of sim cards.
  • Among the 2 systems the GSM is the most widely used than CDMA. Even though CDMA is very fast GSM is only widely used as it provides greater coverage. This helps the user and it is very advantageous.

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