How to Differentiate Between 35mm Camera and Digital SLR

Photography is an art and camera serves a best tool for this art, in earlier period 35mm cameras were in wide use. Due to technology development digital cameras came in to picture. The digital cameras overthrew the 35mm camera due to its very advantages over its rival. The art of photography is made much easier due to its technology and easy to use option. Even though it has many advantages there are people who still admire the 35mm cameras, here we shall discuss about these devices and it will help people to choose their choice.

  • The 35mm camera and the digital SLR camera differ from each other based on their basic operation of producing a picture. In a 35mm camera the picture is developed from a film roll. This roll has to be inserted in the camera and the pictures are to be taken. The film rolls differ based on the image, the number of shots, and color of photo we require. The number shots may be 12, 24 and 36 shots. The photos may be multi colored or in black and white. The images cannot be viewed as soon as the photo has been taken. The film has to be developed using a third party or by the user himself if he/she owns a dark room.

  • In a digital SLR camera we don’t use the term film roll. The camera has a LCD screen. The pictures taken can be immediately viewed and the pictures which aren’t up to the mark can be deleted and good ones can be taken instantly. The picture effects such as black and white, color, sepia, ISO, brightness and lot more can be easily programmed in the camera instead of buying separate film rolls. As said earlier the digital SLR camera does not use a film roll instead they use a memory card, in which we can store a lot of pictures and print them by producing it to the third party. The number of pictures depends upon the size and storage area of the memory card. Depending on the users choice the size of the memory card can be chosen.  We can also print the photos at home by transferring the pictures to the personal computer from camera’s memory card and use them to print the image.

  • There may be an argument that the conventional method is always the best, but the option of photo repair is easier in digital SLR cameras. The options such as noise removal, red eye correction, changing the pixel of the photo are available in digital photos. In order to decide which one to buy we must consider the most important point that is saving. We can also join forums which deal about photography and learn the skills from the experienced persons.

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