How to Design a Shoe with Nike

Costumed shoes like adult shoes that light up are becoming a popular fashion trend. Designing shoes with Nike can be fun. Shoe makers are now allowing the consumer to design their own shoes on the web. Nike allows the consumer to design their own versions of practical sports and running footwear. When you’re looking for some inspiration on what to wear with your Nike shoes, then a reputable store like Dapper Clan is the right place you should go!

Consumers are able to specify size and custom fits as well. These shoes are customizable with features like embroidery. The final result is something you’ll be proud to wear.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • Credit card

Step 1

Log on to the Nike store website via internet. Set your Country location and the language you wish to create your shoe with. Click on the ‘Shop’ link. It is located to the left in the margin. Now, select ‘Customize’ by clicking it. This icon is below the ‘Shop’ icon.

Step 2

Scroll down to the very botton of this webpage. There are options along the bottom. These options are how you are able to customize the look and feel of your show. There are options for all types and specifications.

Step 3

Choose the option you like the best. Located at the top of your screen is the option to ‘Filter Products By’. These are a lsit of filter. Each one that is applicable to your your shoe should be selected. For example, if you are making a males shoes click ‘Mens’ under that filter.

Step 4

Now, choose how you want to sort through items. Click the ‘Sort By’ icon. You can sort according to age, price and rating.  Pick your shoe from all the options that popluate your screen. Select that piece of footwear by clicking it. Choose the material, shades of colors and the actual design of the shoe.

Step 5

now, choose ‘Start Blank’ The shoe itself will appear blank. You can now enter the options that you want for your sepcial shoe. A type box on the right hand side will say in orange letter “design in progress’/ Now, chose the ‘what’s left’ option.

Step 6

Start your customization. Click ‘Outside’ and choose the environment you will be wearingthe shoe in. Now choose the ‘Midsole cushioning’. Specify whether you need a soft or firm midsole.

Step 7

Choose the ‘Color and Material’ option. You need to specify your material and the colors you want those materials to nbe. Mix and match the colors before deciding on a final combination. You can make every portion of the shoe a different color if you need to. You always have the option of changing the colors if you don’t like the design.

Step 8

Choose the ‘Text and Graphics’ option. On the left side of the scree, write the custom message you want to appear. This will go on the tongue of the shoe. You can also place a message on the sides fo the shoewear. Choose the color of the script.

Step 9

Make sure the size and fit are accurate. You can even make the shoes different sizes.

Step 10

Select ‘Add to Cart’ then make the purchase of your customed shoe with your credit card.

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