How to Decrypt and Burn a DVD

Decrypt a DVD

Explore your hard drive and make sure that you have enough space to rip the movie to your system. Usually, you’ll need 6 to 8 GB for the original movie. Load the DVD which you want to copy into your DVD drive. You only need to have one DVD burner and player, as you will put the decrypted movie on your hard drive.

Select the correct source drive on the menu by clicking the right drop-down arrow. Enter the hard drive and file location of where you want your decrypted movie to be saved.

  • Set the program so that it rips in “ISO Mode.” Click the “Tools” menu and select “ISO Settings.” Make sure “File Splitting”, “Auto” and all boxes on this page are checked. The “Device” page should have all the options boxes checked, including “Sorted By” and “Address.” The “Read Speed” should be set to “MAX.”
  • Move to the “I/O” tab and be sure the interface is set to “SPTI – Microsoft,” which is the default. Ignoring errors is not recommended, but if you have several failed attempts you may try it.
  • Click on the “Start” icon at the bottom of window. It looks like a DVD with an arrow pointing right to a hard drive. It will show you the status as it runs, but the amount of time it will take depends on the speed of your DVD player.

Burn a DVD

  • Change the tab at the top of the DVD Decrypted menu to “Mode” and select the “Write” option. Select the DVD Decrypted program to burn the files.
  • Put a blank DVD in the burner. The blank DVD information should be listed on right side of the screen. Choose to burn at “MAX” speed, and make sure the “Mode” is set to “DVD.”
  • Set the source to where the MDS file is located. Choose your DVD burner for the “Destination” and click the “Start Burning” icon. It has a hard drive pointing to a DVD. When the burning is finished, test the DVD and then delete the ISO and MDS files from your hard drive.

Burning Data to a DVD

Ordinary data such as documents, spreadsheets, database files and backup files require only general DVD burning programs. The data that you burn can be viewed on any type of computer with a DVD drive.

Burning Multimedia Files to DVD

Multimedia files are usually larger files that include video either recorded from a TV set, camcorder or digital camera or downloaded from the internet. You may also want to convert an old VHS tape to a more user friendly DVD.

Burning and Copying Commercial DVD

Many people use their DVD burner to burn copies of commercial DVDs. In most parts of the world, it is illegal to copy a commercial DVD and sell or distribute it. However, you may want to make a copy for archiving purposes.

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