How to Cut your Monthly Mobile Phone Bill

The obvious answer in order to reduce the monthly bill of cell phone is that we should reduce its usage. But no one wants to do this right? But here is a new way to reduce your monthly bill without reducing the usage of mobile phones. The following are certain steps to be followed in order to get low mobile phone bills:


You should first measure the consumption made by you at present. You should check where the charge is coming from. You send messages more or make calls more? Or your phone is being used for downloads and internet? And do you send messages and make calls to the same network used by you? And whether you make local or ISD calls should also be checked? And whether you use it for business or personal works? The answers for the above questions may help you to find out in which areas you are losing most of your money so that you can maintain a low budget bill. You can also put message and call boosters as it reduces the cost of each call and message.

  • You should prioritize your use. When you prioritize you will come to know which the better means of communication is, either sending an SMS or making phone calls or sending emails. By sending an SMS you can communicate with a person. But it cannot express your feeling and you cannot give proper details about a particular task. This is a case especially for very long conversations. But making calls increases your phone bills. Yet it helps us to have a proper conversation especially when it is an emergency situation. This email is very effective in computers and laptops, but in the case of mobile it does not allow us to access many features.
  • You should be aware with the promotions that are existing in your carrier. Some of the promotions which can take advantage include programs which will give you discounted calls for other networks. This can help you to save lots of money as there are discounted calls available. But these promotions exist only for a particular period of time. And also you will have to meet certain conditions. But at certain times if you do not meet the conditions then you should pay extra bill. These promotions should be checked in good print in order to avoid charges that are hidden.
  • Your monthly notes should always be checked twice. You should check the bill properly because sometimes they will charge you for calls that were never made. And sometimes they will charge you extra for a particular call. You should not be frightened to question for extra charges. By doing this you will also help them to identify and correct their mistakes.
  • Hence the above are certain ways by which you can reduce your phone bill.

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