How to Decipher Body Language During a Date

You have a date with someone you really like and you would like to know if your date is interested in you as well. You may catch your date smiling but yawning in between. Maybe your date looks too often at his watch. What does it mean if he orders another set or meal? Here are some useful tips to help you read the body language code.


Positive Codes

  • Notice your date’s posture. If she is slouching, your date might not be interested. But if she is sitting tall and is very attentive, then she might just like you, too.
  • Pay attention to the level of meaningful eye contact. If he makes good eye contact when you talk to him, then that’s a plus score.
  • Be aware of leaning. This means your date is comfortable with you. This also indicates that she might want to be closer to you.

  • Gently touching your arm or holding your hand is a great sign for you. If he does this, most likely he is into you, too.
  • Notice if she turns off her cell phone. This indicates your date does not want to be disturbed while the two of you are together. It’s also a sign of being polite.
  • Notice the way your date reacts when you speak. If he nods while his eyes are posted on you, this indicates a positive sign.
  • Notice if you and your date are almost symmetrical in movements. Does she breathe the same time as you? Does your date shift her arm when you do? These are subtle and oftentimes subconscious reactions a person does when she likes the person with whom she is.

Negative Codes

  • If your date’s arms are crossed, this could mean he is uninterested; that is, he (perhaps subconsciously, at least) wants to create a “wall” by crossing his arms.
  • Notice if she yawns occasionally. This is an indication that you do not interest your date or perhaps that she is bored.
  • If your date is nodding too much, this may indicate he is “faking it” with you. Your date might be faking by nodding to give an impression that he is listening to what you are saying, even if he is disinterested.
  • If your date is always looking at everything except you, this is a bad sign. This means that she might be interested in other things or another person at whom she is looking other than you.

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