How to Deal With Morning Sickness

Having a baby can be both the most wonder and challenging experience you will ever have. There are countless changes that you and your baby will go through during the next 40 weeks. The hormone changes can be constant and the effects unfriendly. You may feel like your morning sickness is 24/7 sickness. Here I show you can deal with morning sickness.


Step 1

Keeping food on your stomach can be a great help if you are dealing with a lot of morning sickness. Being hungry means your stomach is empty. This can increase the feelings and intensity of the nausea you call morning sickness.  In actuality, this is where the term comes from. Since we are not eating for at least 8 hours will we sleep out stomachs are empty when we first wake up in the morning. Hence the term, “morning sickness.” Try not to let your stomach get empty. Eat small meals throughout the day to prevent this.

Step 2

Saltine crackers are a useful way to combat morning sickness. Keep a few handy by your bedside at night. A few crackers if you wake up during the night and right before you get out of bed to start you day could ease your symptoms.

Step 3

Foods that are high in fat, fried or spicy may trigger nausea in pregnant women. Fried oily foods could upset your stomach. Spicy and acidic foods can have the same ill effect. You have to pick your food choices wisely while you are experiencing morning sickness.

Step 4

Foods rich in vitamin B complex is known to help reduce nausea during pregnancy.

Step 5

The natural effects of the herb ginger is said to calm the stomach acids. You can drink ginger ale soda, eat ginger snap cookies or make a ginger tea with the root. No matter the method ginger consumption could be a great help to your changing body.

Step 6

Staying properly hydrated can help cut down on nausea. Even adding a bit of lemon to your water can help settle the nausea.

Step 7

Some natural suggestions include papaya enzyme and acupuncture wristband.

Step 8

Take your daily prenatal vitamins with food. Taking a prenatal vitamin without food can trigger your sensitive system. Eat a cracker or light snack right before you take your pill.

Step 9

Unless you are anaemic avoid a daily iron supplement in your first trimester. Iron can be hard on the digestive system as a whole. It can also make you constipated which could further aggravate your condition.

Step 10

In between those episodes of nausea try to get a little exercise in. Exercise releases hormones that could help as well.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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