How to Cut Bangs

Hair grows out frequently. This process never stops. Hair and nails are generated and produced daily. If you don’t have the space in your schedule to go to the hairstylist every 14 days, you can do the simple things like cutting your bangs yourself. This saves both money and time. If you have the right course of action, you won’t end up messing your hair up. Here is how you can trim your own bangs. Please read on for more information.

Items You Will Need:

  • A Mirror
  • Well lit space
  • Hair sheers
  • A Comb

Step 1

Comb  the bags down over the forehead area. Make sure you have plenty of light before you begin cutting. Sit in front of the mirror. Determine how short or long you want your bangs to be.

Step  2

Pinch the hair between the fingers. Twist the hair. This will stop the bangs from being one solid length. Hold the bangs with the opposite hand that you’re cutting it with.

Step 3

Sit directly in front of the mirror in your well lit area.  Start cutting the hair a little below where you want the bangs cut. This is to help safeguard you against taking off too much. You can always remove more, but you can’t put hair back that has been taken off too soon. Cut with the scissors in a straight path horizontally across the forehead.

Step  4

Place the removed hair into the garbage can. To get strays and loose hairs, use a blow dryer to eliminate hair from the body and face.

Step 5

Comb your bangs in a straight downward direction. If you notice any uncut hairs, use the scissors to cut them at an angle.

Step 6

Run your fingers through the freshly cut bangs. Make them look as natural as possible. If you want to adjust the length, you can do so now. Remember to cut little by little to ensure you always get the results you were expecting.

Step 7

This is an optional step. If you are feeling up to the task, you can go one step further. When you have your bangs even and at the desired length, take the scissors in your hand and position the hair sheers toward the ceiling. Point the hair sheers the length of a fingertip into the bangs. Begin at the left hand side. Cut slowly and be careful. Move the sheers few inches towards the opposite direction to give the bangs an additional look. This method removes a small amount of hair. It gives lift to the area and shapes the bangs a little more.

Step 8

Style as desired.

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