How to Create FTP Accounts in Cpanel

In Cpanel, there is a function where we can create and assign FTP accounts to another person. You can grant the user access to the home directory, public_html or a particular directory on your server. By just providing them access to that particular folder, it will be enough to meet their needs while keep them out from the rest of the directories and files hosted on your server.

We can do this by going to the FTP accounts under the Files section. Here we can create a FTP account for another user. To set up a FTP account, you are required to provide a username and password for the new account. You can determine the amount of quota on their FTP account so that they cannot upload files that exceed the amount you  have specified.

We should never create a FTP account and grant him access to the home directory unless it is necessary. By doing this, it will limit the damage that they can do on your server if it turns out that you have wrongly trusted them.

After you have created the account, you should inform them about the hostname, username and password. The username and the passwords are used to login via an FTP program. The hostname usually is in the form of Before they can access your server, they must create a site using the site manager in the FTP program and fill in all the necessary details including username, password and hostname.

To create FTP accounts in cPanel, follow the instructions below:


  • On the homepage of your cPanel account, click FTP Accounts under Files.

cPanel Account

  • Enter a username for the new FTP account in the Login text box.

FTP Account

  • Enter a password for the new FTP account in the Password text box.

Password text box

  • Enter the password again in the Password (Again) text box. The passwords you have entered must match with each other. If you prefer Cpanel to generate a password for you, click Generate Password. After that, copy the password to a notepad.

Generate Passwor

  • Specify the directory which you want to grant the user access. For example, if you want to grant the user access to the root folder, Enter public_html. If you want to grant the user access to only one folder, Enter public_html/foldername. Replace the foldername with the name of the folder inside the public_html.
  • Finally, click Create FTP account.

FTP Account

  • Your account is now created successfully.

Created Successfully

  • Give to the person whom you want to grant access the FTP username, password, and FTP server address and he will be able to access it from an FTP application.

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to create a FTP account for a user through Cpanel.

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