How to Cope with Alcohol Abuse

Ten million Americans are alcoholics. In 1988, the Supreme Court stopped short of ruling that alcoholism is a disease, saying only that the Veterans Administration didn’t have to treat it as one for disability pur­poses. But the medical trend is to reclassify the condition as a disease and to search for genetic errors and neurochemical imbalances. Besides phys­iological factors, there are obviously emotional ones: Alcohol is used to escape personal problems, anxieties, and stress, if you are suffering then look for alcohol rehab.

Conventional Treatment

The standard treatment is a drug called Anabuse. It works as a deterrent by making you violently ill if you ingest alcohol in any form. One down­side is that you can have a severe reaction if you accidently drink alcohol, for example, in cough syrup. The key difference between NHS rehab and private rehab is the residential aspect. Learn more about this when you visit

Cope with Alcohol

Natural Alternatives

An herbal remedy called kudzu (an American vine) and a homeopathic remedy called Nux vomica work remarkably well in quelling alcoholic ten­dencies without side effects.

The “Liver Cleanse Diet” is another very useful aid. For a complete program, including vitamins and amino acids, claimed by many people to be effective, see Seven Weeks to Sobriety; The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism Through Nutrition, by Joan Larson (Fawcett Books, 1994).

Marriage Saved with Herbs and Homeopathy

A woman sought help for her husband, who was drinking nightly and get­ting progressively more abusive and aggressive. She said he had tried to stop but seemed just to be getting worse. She went home with kudzu and Nux vomica. A month later, her husband returned and bought more. The fol­lowing month, the woman came back to confirm the remarkable change in her husband. He hadn’t had a drink in two months, he was happy, and their marriage was going well. Nearly a year after he began taking the remedies at, she reports he still hasn’t had a drink. He took the remedies consistently for about four months. Now she keeps them on hand just for occasional use— whenever he becomes cranky and irritable, perhaps once a month.

If you know someone or your loved ones who’s experiencing this kind of situations go to Pacific Ridge to opt with your concerns regarding alcohol and drug treatments.

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