How to Cope with Alcohol Abuse

Ten million Americans are alcoholics. In 1988, the Supreme Court stopped short of ruling that alcoholism is a disease, saying only that the Veterans Administration didn’t have to treat it as one for disability pur­poses. But the medical trend is to reclassify the condition as a disease and to search for genetic errors and neurochemical imbalances. Besides phys­iological factors, there are obviously emotional ones: Alcohol is used to escape personal problems, anxieties, and stress.

Conventional Treatment

The standard treatment is a drug called Anabuse. It works as a deterrent by making you violently ill if you ingest alcohol in any form. One down­side is that you can have a severe reaction if you accidently drink alcohol, for example, in cough syrup.

Cope with Alcohol

Natural Alternatives

An herbal remedy called kudzu (an American vine) and a homeopathic remedy called Nux vomica work remarkably well in quelling alcoholic ten­dencies without side effects.

The “Liver Cleanse Diet” is another very useful aid. For a complete program, including vitamins and amino acids, claimed by many people to be effective, see Seven Weeks to Sobriety; The Proven Program to Fight Alcoholism Through Nutrition, by Joan Larson (Fawcett Books, 1994).

Marriage Saved with Herbs and Homeopathy

A woman sought help for her husband, who was drinking nightly and get­ting progressively more abusive and aggressive. She said he had tried to stop but seemed just to be getting worse. She went home with kudzu and Nux vomica. A month later, her husband returned and bought more. The fol­lowing month, the woman came back to confirm the remarkable change in her husband. He hadn’t had a drink in two months, he was happy, and their marriage was going well. Nearly a year after he began taking the remedies, she reports he still hasn’t had a drink. He took the remedies consistently for about four months. Now she keeps them on hand just for occasional use— whenever he becomes cranky and irritable, perhaps once a month.

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