How to Cook Corn on a Gas Grill

Corn on the cob is a mouth watering preposition anytime and anywhere. So when it’s blazing hot outside and corn on the cob season is on what can be a better option than sitting in the cool confines of your home and has a mouth watering feast of corn on cob and cooking it at home you can have it on your menu whenever you want to have it. We will roast the corn on the gas grill rather than the stove top method or boiling it in water. The gas grill method is a simpler process and less time consuming.


  • tongs
  • butter
  • large bowl
  • gas grill
  • kitchen shears
  • platter
  • corn on cob
  • cold water
  • gas grill
  • salt


  1. First prepare your corn by removing the shucks from the corn by washing it under cold water and any extra corn silk you see projecting out from the top cut it off using the kitchen shears and pull off any loose husk visible.
  2. Take the large bowl and fill it up three quarters with cold water. Now take the corn and place it in the bowl to make sure that the corn is completely submerged in water. Cover it with a heavy lid so that they stay submerged and the ears of the corn don’t float out of water.
  3. Allow the corn to stay submerged in water for round about 15 minutes. While the corn is soaking, light the gas grill on high and preheat it.
  4. Now take out the corn from the water and hold them by the ear end so that any excess water can drain out. Place the corn on the preheated gas grill and reduce it to medium high. Then close the lid of the gas grill.
  5. While you are grilling the corn keep a check using the tongs keep turning it round about every five minutes to make sure that the corn is equally and evenly cooked from all sides .Make sure that corn is cooked well from inside though the significant browning of the husk is acceptable.
  6. Once the husk is charred remove the corn from the grill which approximately takes fifteen minutes grill time. Now place the corn on a plate and be careful as the corn is going to be very hot so use your tongs and place this plate in your kitchen sink.
  7. Now carefully remove the husk from the corn by holding it with the tongs at one end and peeling the husk from the corn .You can hold it under water which is warm which may facilitate the process. Now remove all the husk and corn silk from the ears
  8. Now take the corn and place it on a platter and serve it.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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