How to Cook a Sirloin Steak in the Oven

Sirloin steaks are a bit difficult to cook. This would entail some cooking techniques in order to get them cooked perfectly since they tend to get overcooked quite easily.

You must take note that sirloin steak does not contain much fat.

This leads to making the meat a bit tough to eat.

In order to cook a delicious sirloin steak, you need to tenderize and marinade the meat before cooking it inside an oven.

The usual and easy method of cooking sirloin meat is through baking it inside the oven. All it takes is just a turn in the knob and that’s it.


  • herbs and spices
  • cooking oil
  • sirloin steak
  • meat mallet
  • marinade



  1. First, make sure that the sirloin steak is tenderized. You can use the meat mallet on both sides of the steak in order to lose the fibers found on the meat.
  2. The fibers of the meat will loosen up when the size of the steak will increase its size or elongated a bit and the fibers will have a broken appearance right down on the surface of the sirloin steak.
  3. Decide on how to marinade the steak. Here is a tip, marinating the sirloin steak overnight will make the meat gets juicier when being cooked. Be sure you choose a marinade that is surely for beef meat.
  4. Instead of using vinegar, lemon juice and other liquids to marinade the steak, why not use a rub to marinade the meat. You can get hold of rubs through looking at the grocery store’s spice section. Rubs are good to lock in the juices of the meat before you even start cooking it.


  1. Set the oven for a temperature of 425 degrees F. Then, bake the sirloin steaks for at least 30 minutes or until such time the meats are now cooked up to your desired temperature and taste.
  2. Baking the sirloin steak in the oven can make the meat a little bit dry. This is the reason why you need to set aside some time to marinade the meat appropriately.
  3. Cook the steaks with the use of a marinade and add a couple of side dishes such as fresh vegetables potatoes, carrots and peas or even onions. This is to help lock in the moisture right inside the steak. Why not sear the sirloin steak inside the frying pain for about 2 minutes or so before you even bake them.

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