How to Cook a Baked Potato in the Microwave

There will be a lot of parties that you will be attending to. Baked potato is one of the dishes that would surely want your guests to ask for more. Whether you are cooking for one person or a group of 10, it is quite a tedious process when you do baked potato.

It is really quite frustrating when you are baking using the oven. You need to preheat the oven, wait for an hour or so to have it all done. What about baking potato using the microwave?

Have you ever thought about that? It’s hassle free and all you have to do is pop into the microwave the potatoes and that’s about it. Na, read on the article in order to know how to bake a potato in the microwave.

What You’ll Need

  • microwave
  • potato
  • huge bowl to cover the potato inside the microwave


  1. Clean the potato, use water to wash it. After which, with the use of a fork, prick the skin of the potato.
  2. Get a paper towel and put it on top of the tray where you will put the potato. The paper towel will absorb the moisture coming from the potato and will help minimize the skin from puckering.
  3. For large potato, you need to microwave them for about 10minutes, for the small one about 4-5 minutes inside the microwave will do. It’s better to undercook the potato at least you can add some more minutes and have them done well compared to overcooking where you can’t do anything to reverse the process.
  4. Get hold of a bowl and put it on top of the potato. Then, you close the door of the microwave. You have to wait until such time the potato is cooked.
  5. Keep on checking on the potato whether they cooked or not. If the potato is not yet cook, you need to microwave it again at high temperature for one minute. If you can’t perfect the process, you do not need to worry in due time you will be good at checking whether the potato is cooked or not.
  6. To add flavor, you can put margarine or butter on the skin of the potato. Place the potato inside a broiler for a couple of minutes in order to achieve brownish and crisp potato skin. If you do not fancy having crisp potato skin, you can stop at step number 5 and serve it while it’s hot.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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