How to Convert Mp4 to DVD

Before you know how to convert the mp4 into DVD, it’s good to know why we go for this conversion. The electronic devices used for entertainment such as iPods, PSP, iPhone, etc, use the mp4 format to play the videos in them. At the same time the mp4 videos are sharp and clear, this makes them to use widely. If you wish to watch them on your DVD player, then you have to write it in a DVD and you can watch them. But the main problem you could face is most of the DVD player doesn’t supports the mp4 format. In order to make them to play the mp4 video, you must convert it to the format that the DVD player accepts. This article will deal on this cause and give you necessary tips to convert the mp4 into a DVD compatible video.

  • To convert the mp4 video to DVD, you must need application software to do the task. This article explains you to convert the mp4 to DVD using the Aimersoft Video Convertor. This is comparatively powerful software that could convert and at the same time burn the converted file on the DVD.

  • The Aimersoft Video Convertor is easily available application software on the internet. This is available for free, download this software and install it on your computer. This software allows you to convert the mp4 to avi format. This is a simple task to do you have to convert the format to avi. Since avi is supported by the DVD player. Conversion is not a complicated process. You have to just select the mp4 file to be converted from your PC and then add them to the Aimersoft Video Convertor and select the output format as avi, and click on the convert button. Within a small period of time you will get the converted video.
  • The next step is to burn the converted files to the DVD; Aimersoft Video Convertor has advanced features so that you can create your own DVD in a short time.
  • The Aimersoft Video Convertor gives you variety of options; it allows you to select the quality of the DVD, whether to have low, high or medium quality. And the software also allows you to choose the capacity of the DVD, in DVD we have two varieties, which varies on its capacity one is called as DVD 9 which has a storage capacity of 8.5 GB and other one is DVD 5 which is around 4.7 GB. Now select the DVD type and select the frame rate and click on the “start” button, the burning process will get over in few minutes. Now eject the DVD and put it in your DVD player and enjoy watching the movie.

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