How to Convert Mp3 to Midi

In present technology we have the improvement in every field. The user files and the components related to them are getting updated every now and then. The more and more they are updated the more and more they can provide a user friendly environment. But the old user files which have certain data which are not available in the new format cannot be used in the new format players. Hence converting an old user file into a new updated user file is must especially in case where the data is not currently reproduced. This article gives a brief introduction about one such file conversion, which is how to convert the MP3 to MIDI format.

In case you have a MP3 file and you are interested in converting it into the MIDI format which is multi tracking format then there is much software available for the purpose. It is easy to convert the MP3 file into MIDI format especially using the open source software. The open source softwares are one which are available for free and can be easily downloaded. These source codes of this software can be easily viewed by any person and they can make the necessary changes in it according to their interest, hence the name open source software. One such software available for the purpose of converting the MP3 to MIDI format is the audacity. In forth coming steps we shall see how to use this software and make the conversion.

The audacity software can be found in the source websites. These websites provide this software for free. After finding the source we have to download the software from the website to our personal computer. Based on your operating system separated download versions are available.

After downloading the software we have to install it in the system and then launch the application. After launching the software we have to tap on the file option, browse and open the MP3 which we wish to convert to MIDI using the software. After this we have to tap export by tapping the file option, by doing so an “Edit Metadata” popup window will open. We have to tap OK in the window to proceed with next step.

After this we have find the format field and tap on the drop down menu. From that menu we have to select the term other uncompressed files as the type of the output. We have to tap the option button placed on the right side of this field. After this we have to select the MIDI output format and then click the OK button, after this we have to tap the save button to enable the file conversion. The progress of file conversion will be shown next and at the end the file will be converted successfully.

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