How to Convert Dvd to Mp4

There would be many films or video files that you like to see often, and hence would like to transfer it to your iPods, but it will not play it. As most of the iPods don’t play the dvd file formats, to overcome this issue, the formats of the files have to be converted from dvd to mp4 formats. Mp4 consists of both video and audio, making it popular and more effective.

To convert the dvd files to mp4, we are in need of some special software. There are numerous number of such software’s available in the internet. One such convertor is the DVD decrypted. Surf for it and install it.

Once it is installed, whenever you install a dvd, the auto play will highlight this software also. Open it and select the dvd or dvd files or movies that are stored in the system, using the source tab which consists of a pop down text box.

Make sure that it is in the IFO mode by selecting the mode button. Then enable the streaming process using the streaming process button or tab present in the right side of the window. Once it is enabled, select the audio and video file only which you need to converted. Then using the tools option in the top select the file splitting option to none. Using the software select the place where the dvd file is to be ripped. As dvd files are around 4 to 5 GB, it will take about 20 minutes to get converted, sit back and wait. Once finished, the DVD files are converted or ripped in the vob files format.

Then using an iPod convertor we can change the vob files into mp4. This iPod convertor (video convertor) can also be got by surfing the internet. The process here is to convert the ripped vob file into mp4 format. Select the file from the ‘select file’ button and choose the vob file which is to be converted into mp4.

Select the different settings that are the quality of the mp4 file, the audio quality, the enhancement option, the video size etc, as required and click the next button to start converting whenever you are finished. Then select the name of the target file from the text bar given for it.

Once the next button is clicked the conversion process will be stared and the mp4 files are stored in the target file, which can be retrieved from there. The target folder can be chosen and changed if required.

It will take around 18 to 20 minutes for the conversion; wait till the progress bar is set to 100 %. Then the mp4 file van be copied to the iPod library and used.

But there is some quality restriction when compared to that of the vob file or the dvd files.

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