How to Convert Cd to Mp3

There are different types of formats of songs or music clips that are available online or being sold round the world using the cds. The formats of the songs or the music files in the cds would be audio files format. One would desire to convert it into various formats as according to their wish.

The main disadvantages of the audio files are that, the audio files requires large amount of space and hence reducing the number of songs in a particular cd. While talking about the mp3 format, it’s the other way; it requires only around 5 to 11 or 12 MB depending the bit rates being used. If the number of bit rates is higher, the quality of songs will increase considerably and also the size of the audio file.

There are different software’s that are necessary to convert or rip the audio files into the mp3 format. If you are using the windows, the process becomes extremely easy with the help of the windows media player.

To convert the audio files to mp3 formats just follow the steps said here. First insert the audio cd in the disk drive, then using the auto play option or from the windows media player go to ripping section. Where you can simply click and sit back. The remaining things will be taken care by the windows media player. The audio files will be ripped or converted into mp3 files. The target files will be with default settings, and will be stored in my documents in the mu music folder from which you can retrieve them, and use them.

As said the quality of the files depend on the bit rates, the bit rates of the output file can be decided by the user, using the options provided by the windows media player.

The same above process can be more effectively performed using the converters that are available online. Some of the convertors are total video converters, suprt converter, and prism converter. The initial step it to surf for and downloading them, after it is downloaded, install the set up file in your system.

Once the total video convertor is installed, open it. There will be a command button named as new task, click it and browse for the audio file which is to be converted. Once the file is inserted, you can try and play them. Then use the ‘convert now’ command button to start converting. Once you click it, a new dialog box will be shown to you, where you van select the output format, here select it as mp3, along with the bitrates required. Once all these information’s are given, the file will be converted. There are many converting software’s which does the same process.

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