How to Conceive Twins Naturally

Having children can be the most exciting time in a couple’s life. The thought of having twins can be twice the fun. Everyone gets excited at the prospect of having twins. There are two types: fraternal and identical twins. For married couple’s who have a curiosity about having multiple children, there are ways to tip the scales in your favor. A few things can be done naturally that may increase the likelihood of conceiving multiple children without the use of fertility drugs. Try these tips below.


Step 1

Educate yourself about your own personal fertility cycle. This is the most important step in conceiving at all. Take steps to monitor the female fertility cycle in order to narrow down the best time for intercourse. Intercourse at the most fertile times for the female is the optimal time for conception. Make a journal and write down the results from month to month.

Step 2

One month prior to trying to conceive began taking a folic acid supplement. Folic acid is very important for a healthy pregnancy. It has also been proven to increase the chances of having twins. An additional 1 woman out of 176 women will conceive twins due to folic acid intake.

Step 3

There are natural foods you can eat to increase ovulation. The Cassava root is known to have this effect on women. In the African area where cassava root is consumed as a staple in their diet, the women there have the highest rates of conceiving twins than any other place on the globe. Nutrition research have confirmed this effect.

Step 4

Dr. Gary Steinman has conducted nutrition research and is a leading scientist on studying conception of twins. Women who have a dairy and beef diet are more likely to conceive twins than vegan women. The milk stimulates ovaries and encourages the production of multiple eggs at the time of conception.

Step 5

While you are still nursing your infant try and conceive twins. Women who are still fertile and are nursing simultaneously have a greater likelihood of conceiving twins.

Step 6

Put on a few pounds. Studies show that women who have higher body fat percentages or who are slightly overweight are more likely to conceive twins. You don’t want to gain too much weight however. Weight is important during any pregnancy.

Step 7

If you have a history of twins in your family then you are more likely to produce twins on your own. It is possible to have twins even if you do not have a genetic history of twins in your family. This history may help but is not absolutely required. Family history does play a role.

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About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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