How To Complete the Space Junk Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy

Still people are playing super Mario galaxy game as the previous one.  On the Nintendo Wii console, it gives a new experience and a lot of adventure by using the remote control. Some levels of The Space Junk Galaxy level in that game will be difficult and sometimes confusing also for new players. By following the steps below you can complete the level.


Mission – I, the Pull Star Path:

Pull Stars are those small blue stars looks like a bubble to use the Mario, to be able to climb into the ground and to another place. Using pull stars you can send Mario to another star. They may fall to tiny crystals of the planets which are aligned. If at the end of the line that you will be three small planets on which you can collect tokens stars. Collect all the chips remain on the planet and try to Electrogoombas you try to meet, are clear. Then Mario will go to the world-shaped rocket. Pause to collect crystals and stones on the way to the edge of the planet. Use the drop-out Mario to return to the next planet.

If you are on the flat world you can get down tracks, but stay away from the brown spider. All over the world, you find crystals that you can break to reveal the toads. Your ship comes in, you can jump on them. Use the sling star to go to the next. Walk carefully on the road, and seemed to recover the five silver stars. The stars to five stars, the introduction of Mario, go to the platform.

Kamella’s Airship Attack – Mission II:

If you are on the spaceship Parasol, you can jump on the enemy ship from there. Defeat the goombas, and then to collect a few pieces. Find the lever, and then use a spin attack to drop the drawbridge. Run the drawbridge on the rocks at the end. Rabbit teach you to use a double jump spin attack. Use for the transition to the new spin-1-up, then breaks the crate on the Sling Star to get.

If you are with the other ship, you can hit the valve with the spin on more bits. Break the crystals to release the frogs; they will discover how to open the cash register. Enter the shells and throw them on the chest. Use shells to defeat magikoopa by jumping and throwing grenades at him. If he throws another shell hit the treasure chest on the Star Launch. You will be transferred to another vessel, where to get the stars to get the chimney will be transferred.Go down the chimney and take the Sling Star on the bridge. Jump to get on the Koopas or spin around the shells, then they throw the arms of the octopus. Once the drawbridge is lowered, the cross, to take place in Sling Star camel.

To overcome Kamela you need to act quickly, or it may be difficult to fill when he left behind. Wait a hit on the green bar then Kamela him with a gimlet, mussels occur. Fling grenades in the direction of Kamela to weaken. When they came to use your spin attack to get rid of to help them, Pound for Kamel shells with their defeat

Tarantox’s Tangled Web – Mission III:

During a journey to the use of traction of the star is not a page, the mission Hungry Luma fifty little food. A planet appears as Yoshi, and you can start. Defeat all goombas, and then take the stars when it comes. Then back to the real task by the stars in the big hole. Explore the area for a while, then on the next planet, which resembles a castle head. Sling the toad on the next planet, then right after the loop of Mario. Go on to travel this way until you reach the purple planet. If you get the giants of the Web, you have to face, finally Tarantox. Avoid attacks by Tarantox and throw themselves on the red onions on his body. When all were killed you’ll now going to defeat tarantox.

Use the drop-Stars to get from one place to another and pack as many bits as you can along the road.

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