How To Communicate Through Phone Effectively

Various technologies have been developed to communicate easily with each other. But still the rules are the same for effective communication.  This will make you understand how to use a phone call effectively.

  • Ensure that there are no obstacles. Before making a call, ensure that the phone conversation is clearly heard by both the users. This can be easily checked by making a call to a home/office landline phones as these places have less noise. In public places where crowd is heavy, you have no other option other than covering your mouth while speaking and closing your ears while listening. When having a cell phone, ensure that the signal meter is at maximum. With this we can make sure that the receiver won’t have any problem in hearing the user. VoIP software like skype and many other is more effective but it could provide some loss of information or disconnections due to some problems with the user service provider or with the PC.

  • Never try doing something else simultaneously. Most of us would like to do multi-tasking in this speed world. Yes one could accomplish in doing more tasks, but it is not that much effective in doing it. You should not try to do multi-tasking while you are communicating through phone. You need to be focused on conversation. If you don’t, then you will miss out some important details in your conversation and you may need the other user to repeat it again what they said. Some of the things which you should not do during your conversation are seeing the TV screen or monitor, standing near the audio device, being with a group of persons and talking. If you want any reference, you can make note of your conversation.
  • Make call at the right time. If you want to call to an office, call at the business hours and ignore the lunch time. If you want to call to a local number, don’t call early morning or late evening. Avoid calling people at usual times when they are having meals. Make note of the time difference if it is an international call. The most important thing is to maintain your appointment. Call the person at the right day and at the right time you promised. Don’t make the other user to wait for you.
  • Be patient. You need to talk to the other user in a polite manner. It does not matter when it is a personal call, but in case of business calls patience is important. It is all about protecting yourself in a positive image and being professional for the organization you represent. Talk with the other user formally, until you are familiar to talk with the person. If you would like to hold on do it for a reasonable cause. Do it when you get time for break. Say goodbye properly and end the call.

Conference calls are made easily these days with the help of VoIP. Think this as a business meeting

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