How to Come Up With Your Own Fresh Flower Arrangement

It is very easy to make your own fresh flower arrangement. The only things required are the correct materials and a little bit of your creativity. You also need few tips on how to make flowers last longer and make your arrangement beautiful again. Just follow some simple and plain steps to create your very own fresh flower arrangement:

  • Gather fresh flowers of your preference. You may either purchase some fresh flowers from the local florist or even pluck some if you have a garden. Try to use vibrant flowers that are full of life and colors. Try to avoid flowers with lots of pollen. If there are any members of the family who are allergic, make sure you follow the point above. Choose some green leaves as well with varied and amusing shapes.
  • Assemble all the other important materials. First if all, choose a location or spot for your arrangement. Either so in for the conventional vase, or try something much more creative. You may even opt for a mug or earthenware that are colored. Other things required will be a floral scissors, a basin of clear water and thick and tidy foam. Gather these things on the worktable. Cover your table with a plastic sheet or newspaper so that the mess can be easily removed.

  • Arrange the foam. The foam should be cut in a way that it fits snugly into the vessel chosen for your flower arrangement. After this, soak the foam with water in the basin. Let it absorb the water completely. Having done this put the wet foam inside the vessel chosen.
  • Begin displaying the flowers. For the arrangement of the flowers, the best way is to start from the middle and slowly extend towards the outer edges. By doing this, you are enabling the main flower pieces to get the focus by being placed in the center. Choose whichever flower looks the best and place it in the center. After this, take up flowers that are smaller and differently colored to position them outside the main flower. You may even place the flowers in layers. This will add the required newness to the whole arrangement. Lastly, add the green leaves to leave the final product very appealing and pleasing.

Whenever you notice that the foam is drying up, take out the whole arrangement with the flowers, soak it in water, and replace it in the vessel. If you cut the flowers, ensure that you leave ample space for the stems as well. If you want a long lasting flower arrangement, this is very important. You may also recycle the flowers in case you wish to. Loosen the flowers from the foam and cut half inches each of the stems. This new place where the cut is will absorb water much faster and thus will help for a longer lasting arrangement.

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