How to choose between Veganism and Vegetarianism

If you want to find out about vegetarianism and veganism or if you want to find out what’s it fine to consume being one. This website will provide you with some useful information regarding to these terms and will even help you clarify some of today’s misconceptions about this topic. Firstly vegetarians are people which aren’t consuming meat. Who are vegans?

Let’s clarify one thing vegans are similar to vegetarians: they do not consume meat. But on the other hand they do not consume eggs, diary products, neither honey; and they also refuse to wear clothes that are derived from animal products. So it’s your choice to be vegan or vegetarian. Some may born in a vegetarian environment having his/ her parents as vegetarians too, other can choose it. When questioning yourself what kind of diet do you want to follow, you have to take into consideration what is best for you. To get plenty of more information try to catch these vegan tv shows whenever you can.


After this brief introduction in veganism and veganism, let’s see some types of vegetarians:

1.) Ovo Lacto Vegetarians: People belonging to this group do not consume meat at all. They consume eggs and milk products, dairies, this way they cannot be termed vegans. In conclusion, they are termed vegetarians. Many recipes work for vegan and vegetarian people.

2.) Lacto Vegetarians: They are similar to vegans, if not for their consumption of diary products. They are consumind milk and milk products, cheese, butter etc.

3.) Ovo Vegetarians: They consume eggs, and therefore they are further from veganism than the previous type.

4.) Semi Vegetarians: They are hardly vegetarians, because of their egg, fish and chicken consumption. Although, they are termed this way, because they do not eat red meat nor other kinds of meat.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid

The facts why vegetarianism and veganism is being stressed, discussed and considered:

– HEALTH is a reason, because it is believed that meat eaters are more likely to have heart attacks and are more likely to have cholesterol problems. A great way to boost energy is to cut out the meat and use a good tasting plant protein powder. Because it is known that the vegan diet reduces saturated fats and it reduces cholesterol, many young adults choose to follow the vegan diet. This is not all; it can also help you maintain your weight.

– RELIGION: Some sects in Hinduism preach vegetarianism; therefore those motivated by religion are practicing vegetarianism, even without being animal rights activists or health freaks.

– HUMANITY is also one of the reasons; people disturbed by the brutality of slaughtering animals and animal cruelty decided to follow the vegan way of living. Even if religion is out of the question, animal rights and ethics are strong factors for following veganism.

– CULTURE is another factor for adopting vegetarianism, or veganism. A person can be educated upon their family’s beliefs, so he/she can be born in a vegan family therefore he/she will be a vegan; the close environment that surrounds his/her can make him into a vegan (friends, relatives etc. Also, people who have a vegan or a vegetarian partner may decide to join vegetarianism/veganism.

– ENVIROMENTAL DEGRADATION and the work conditions of employees in slaughterhouse are also a reasons for veganism or vegetarianism.

In conclusion, veganism or vegetarianism is a choice you can make, which can become your lifestyle;

Some may think that being vegan is declining everything that tastes good; that is not true vegan culinary art tells us the opposite: these are tasty with different colors and amazing flavors.

Observation: In the prehistoric people were cultivating and collecting their food from the near forests; these were called collectors. Until humans began to practice hunting, humanity ate only vegetables and fruits in order to survive, not harming a single living thing, and surviving on what the Planet provided for them.

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About the Author: Leona Kesler is a head-chef at a very popular food restaurant in New York. Also she is a blogger who shares her experiences, tips, and other informative details about food and cooking. Her recipes are featured on many magazines.

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