How to Check Aquarium Water

Aquarium water should be clean and fresh to ensure good health of the fish. There are several tests that can tell you about the quality of the aquarium water. To test your aquarium water follow the below mentioned tips:


  • Before starting the aquarium ask the dealer about the required tests. There are some tests that have to be applied on the tank monthly. Also ask about the first tests that are necessary on starting the aquarium.
  • Determine the types of test you would need. Mostly it depends on your aquarium. If you have salt water in it then it has some specific tests. Similarly the freshwater tank will have its own tests. These methods test the pH level of water. Also some if the usual tests are alkaline test, nitrite test, nitrate test and ammonia test.

  • Keep note of the chemicals you have used. Also note down the dates of the tests. In this way you can track the problem if any occurs in future. Jot down the names of the brands of your testing kits too. This will also help you in future.
  • Testing kits require you to take a sample of the aquarium water. Put the reagent in this sample. Reagent is the chemical that comes with the testing kit and is used to test the quality of the water. Compare your results with those mentioned in the manual of the kit.
  • Whenever you see you fish getting ill or dying, immediately test the water and environment of your tank otherwise this can be a serious issue.
  • Do follow the instruction manual provided with the testing kit. You should take special care while testing the sample of water. The reagent should be mixed in the sample but never shake it. Also do measure the quantity of the reagent to be used. It should be accurate enough so that it does not contaminate the aquarium water.

Some of the readings of a standard aquarium tank are:

  • The pH level of water is 8.0
  • The Ammonia level is 0
  • The Oxygen reading is 7.0

The Oxygen test is applied when you feel there is any problem in your pump. Phosphate test is applied if you see the growing algae.

Above mentioned guide can help you a lot in starting your own aquarium. You should be ready to pay for the testing kits before thinking of starting the aquarium. These tests are necessary for the health of your fish and the aquarium plants. Also be careful about the cleanliness of the aquarium.

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