How to Change a Tire

Nowadays everybody is driving. In some countries where distances are great, you cannot go to work if you are not driving. So today driving a car is one of those things you cannot do without. It appears though, that it is not enough just knowing how to drive a car. You have to know also some basic things about the car construction and the possible minor repairs that might occur, in order to be prepared for some accidents that might happen on the road. If you have a serious problem, of course you will need to go to a tire sale shop or call tire dealers for assistance, but when the problem is minor, such as change of a tire, with a little preparation you will be able to change it yourself.

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What is important if you need to change a tear? According to bromley tyres the first thing to do is to drive to a secure place, where you will have enough of space for action and you will be safe.  Next thing to do is to pull up the emergency break and switch on the hazards. The instruments you will need are spare jack and wrench.  Mark the place with safety flags or cones. If you have a hub cap, take it off. It is important now that you loosen the lug nuts. It could be obtained by half a turn counter clockwise with the wrench. Remember, you must only loosen the lug nuts at this stage, not remove them.

Now place the jack under the car frame on the side of the tire that you want to change. Start raising the jack slowly. When it touches the frame, move your car up till it gets to a comfortable position for you to act. The wheel should be at about six inches above the ground. Now you totally remove the lug nuts. To remove the tire – pull it straight off the wheel base.

Next you can place the spare onto the wheel base. The holes of the spare must be aligned with the lug nut posts. The air valve must face outward. You have to push the tire in direction of the base till the moment it stops.

Change Tire

Take the lug nuts and screw them on. Again, don’t do the whole job, don’t tight them completely yet, just to make sure that the spare doesn’t fall. By using the jack, bring back your car to its normal position – with its four wheels firmly on the ground. You don’t need the jack anymore. You have to tighten now completely the lug nuts. Start with the first one and then with the one that stands opposite. Tighten the lug nuts to the maximum level you can. Now you’re done. Collect all your instruments, you might need them soon again.

Once you have hanged your tire you may wonder how to dispose of it? You may be able to dispose of your own used or scrap tires during a bulky trash collection event sponsored by your local government. A landfill may accept your tires directly, but will usually charge a fee. Having old tires can be burdensome and inconvenient, especially if you have no way of hauling them to an appropriate disposal spot. That’s where professional tire recycling services come in. On the other hand, one thing you may also consider is to get a home tire recycling equipment and do it yourself.

As you see, it is not so difficult. The first time it might be a little tough but once you’ve done it, it would become a routine. Accepted as one of the things you have to master in order to be independent when you are on the road.

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