How to Camp With Emergency Weather Radio

One of the most precious things for a camper is investing in an emergency situation is the weather radio. Another important thing is you should be prepared always as a camper to track weather under hikes. It will be little confusing if we get this emergency weather radio for the first time. Many things have to be noted with. Buying the emergency weather radio becomes easy if one work about it and knowing few tips regarding it.

Some of the best tips that can be useful for choosing the emergency weather radio for camping are as follows:


  • Atmospheric Administration approval and national oceanic are the criteria which is must in case of the radio. Getting of important weather updates can be done even though the product is quite costly. In the case of warnings and emergencies you will be traced out with the help of the radio. An approved radio like NOOA works usually with two different functions. Buying the radio with added option of VHF television adds few more advantage towards technology of purchase of the weather radio. So it an important factor must to be noted with.

  • Weather radios working by battery and ditch rechargeable. Such kind does not come under the enough energy sources. Rather one may go for mechanical radios or solar powered radios. Cranking up such type of radios results in much energy. At the time of emergency you may need not depend upon the batteries. This adds up saving the amount quite spent in the electricity and in batteries under such cases. This is also eco-friendly. In case of hike you should be always noticed with the weather and informed about it.
  • Picking of a weather radio. In the camp or trip surely the radio will be facing external dusts, mud and water as well. So this might stop running the radio at times when any important information is being dealt with. It should not happen in any such case. So in order to that one should make the pick of radio depending upon some keys factors such as shockproof, waterproof and dustproof covering a factor of maximum durability. Another one important thing is to make a note of the outside external case of the radio. Don’t ever go for plastic radio as they may easily get break.
  • Making a pick of handy radio. It is not hard that you must carry heavy weight with you on a camping trip. Make it portable that it fits in your pocket as well and less in its weight. Also try for LED and flashlights within built charger.

With these tips set for the trip and it may save your life.

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