How To Buy Lingerie At a Party

Bridal showers are the traditional event for a Bride right before her wedding day. More modern Brides have begun to host their own special events in the form of lingerie parties for Brides to be. Some lingerie parties are ultra feminine in nature and others feature more risqué sexual elements, items, novelties and games. If you accepted an invitation to a lingerie party here are a few ways to make sure you get your money’s worth.


Step 1

Consider all of your choices. There are a variety of lingerie choices to choose from like the ones at Rosy Lingerie Boutique which is the best lingerie shop online. The style and designs are many. You should focus on narrowing down the items that appeal to you. Don’t be afraid to select the items that you truly like. Don’t feel pressured into buying an item that is too cute or trendy for your taste. You can browse this site for choices.

Step 2

Try on as many items as you can. Always make sure the items fit you the way you need. The items should be both comfortable and make you feel beautiful. Just because an item looks nice hanging up or in a box does not guarantee it will be the right style or fit for you. For braziers check to make sure the bra cups fit fully and comfortable. There is nothing worse than an ill fitting brazier that cuts into your shoulders leaving dents and marks. An ill fitting brazier can also be a bra that shows through but doesn’t offer full coverage. The appearance is messy and untidy. For nightgowns, make sure they aren’t too tight or loose. You want to make sure you get the right length depending on whether you want to go for a long, luxurious look or a short, chic and sassy flare. It doesn’t hurt to buy one of each just in case your mood changes. Variety is always the best way to shop when looking for lingerie.

Step 3

Look for other items. The selection may be larger than you realize. Other items that might enhance or compliment your new lingerie can turn the experience up a notch. Have an open mind and look for other items that are on sale. Different items like potpourri, jewelry and other risqué items may spice up the atmosphere. Be inventive.

Step 4

Make sure the size is correct. When purchasing clothing there is no common yardstick that every designer uses. It’s imperative that you do the research to find out the sizing of options of that manufacturer. Bust and hip measurements should be carefully done when ordering from a catalog or website. Manufacturers sizing differs from designer to designer. The sizes may be cut larger or smaller than other companies. Check carefully.

Step 5

Model your lingerie.

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