How to Burn In Headphones

How many times have you purchased a new pair of headphones only to figure out you didn’t like the sound quality? Did you know there is something you can do about it? It’s called ‘burn in’. Higher quality headphones actually require a time of adjustment called burn in. During this time you will notice an increase in sound output quality. Here is how you can burn in your new high quality headphones.


Things you’ll need:

  • New Headphones
  • A Computer
  • Hours of patience

Step 1

Find a website like that can help you with the burn in process. Log on to the website. On this site you can opt to use pre-recorded .wav audio files or their own special burn in wave generator software. Most headphones will need over 100 hours of time to adjust themselves. The best option is to download the software.

Step 2

Prepare a mix of audio files as burn in tracks. You can use your laptop or desktop to make your burn in play list. You can use iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player or whatever program you desire. Choose a wide variety of music. The purpose is to loosen the drivers in the headphones up so they can respond optimally to music.

Step 3

You should listen in on the progress of your headphones periodically. The higher the quality of headphones the longer the burn in process takes. For example, Klipsche Custom 2 headphones burned in about 80-100 hours. In an out of package state they had no audible bottom end. After the burn in process of 80-100 hours, they clearly have defined and balanced lows as well as pronounced mids. This is a dramatic change from the out of box state.

Step 4

In the beginning low frequencies may not be audible. Anything under 40 Hz should be played progressively. Burn in your headphones at 40 Hz before moving on to a different frequency like 30 Hz. These low frequencies are like deep hums. Think semi-trucks and helicopter blades. Start to implement lower levels. You may need to adjust your volume to hear 30 Hz and lower. Most music does not contain these lower frequencies, however if you burn your headphones this low it will give the sound quality better balance and a flatter response.

Step 5

You can stop the burn in process whenever you want. There is no set time table in regards to how long it should take to burn in your high quality headphones. This process is just a fast version of what happens over time with normal use. Once the burn in process is complete this is the sound quality you can expect from your headphones permanently.

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