How to Build a Wine Rack

A good collection of wine is something that can be admired. A collection that is showcased in a wine rack that you designed and built yourself is a prized possession. Constructing a wine rack yourself gives you the ability to make it fit any area you need it to. You can also make the wine rack look the way you want it to look. You have complete freedom to make your new wine rack in any shape or design you think works.It’s an easy and fun project to do. Here is how you can build a new wine rack. Continue reading to find out how.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Necessary Things:

  • Wine
  • Hammer
  • Wood
  • Screws

Step 1

Decide how big you need your wine rack to be. There are some versions of wine racks that fit on kitchen counters for added convenience, and some that are larger than showcase many bottles of wine at first.

Step 2

Design your wine rack. The bottles will be held horizontally. This will keep the cork moisturized and keep debris out of the neck of the bottle. You don’t want to ruin the contents.

Step 3

Make your wine rack seven inches deep at least. The deeper you construct your wine rack, the more room the bottles have to be settled in and not sticking out. This helps steady the rack as well.

Step 4

Decide how may wine bottles your wine rack has to store. There are several ways you can choose to store the wine bottles. You can store then in a diamond shape space or a square, flat shaped slot.

Step 5

Design your wine rack with the shape you chose. It will either be the diamond shaped mentioned or the flat box shape. The slots should be big enough to accommodate three or more bottles on one space. This is space efficent for the times when there are more than a few wine bottles to find storage for.

Step 6

You can also construct spaces that are just enough room for single bottles at one time. This can make the wine easier to get to when ready to use.

Step 7

Screw holes into the wine rack before placing the screws in. Secure the joints.


  • Have some fun building this wine rack. Make a different wine rack that shows off your creativity to your friends and family.
  • If you can’t think of an innovative design, you can always buy a wine rack kit. There are various designs to choose from and would still be building your own rack.
  • Add more slots for wine glasses to save more space.
  • When building slots that will accommodate multiple bottles, make sure they can support the full weight of the bottles.

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