How to Build a Swing Set

Just about all children love to play on swings. Everyone has fond memories of swinging at the park enjoying long hours of contentment. Metal swings can rust after rain and heat. However, a swing set made out of wood may be a better option. Here is how you can make a swing set.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You’ll Need:

  • 10 foot 4×4 Treated Board (four)
  • 2 foot 4×4 treated boards (one)
  • 12 foot 1×6 treated boards (one)
  • 6 inch bolts and nut (sixteen)
  • 6 inch eyebolts and nuts (eight)
  • S Hooks (steel) (eight)

  • Trapezoid Steel (four)
  • Steel Braces (four)
  • Swing seats with chains
  • Socket
  • Drill
  • Ratchet for the socket you will use
  • inch nails (forty eight)
  • Pliers
  • A helping hand


Step 1

Stabilizer between upright legs

Cut the 1×6 12 foot long treated boards pieces in half making two 6foot pieces. These are more stable when placed between upright legs of the swing set.

Step 2

Make holes for 6 inch bolts

Make eight holes with the drill in the 12 foot 4 x 4 beam. This is the swing set’s main beam. Also, it is where the eyebolts will be placed to join to the swing. The first bolt needs to measure 17 inches up from the end. The other bolt has to measure approximately 17 inches from that.

Step 3

Make two holes in each upright with the drill. Attach the steel braces to directly attach it to the main beam.Mark the placemen tof the drill holes needed with a dark marker. Place the steel braces against the wood to figure out where the holes should be properly placed.

Step 4

Put the eye bolts in before raising the main beam. Use 6 inch eyebolts (eight) and put them in the main beam. Apply the washers to the back of every bolt. Tighten the set.

Step 5

Secure the steel brackets to the legs with nails

Put your 10 feet long 4x4s (two) on the ground 45-degree angle. These are your upright legs. Place the brackets on the end. Secure them with 3 inch nails. Also attach nails to the other side. Place the 6 foot 1 x 6 boards properly. Repeat.

Step 6

Now you will need to bolt the main beam. Use the steel brace to secure both ends. Also, Use 6 inch bolts (two) to install inthe holes made previously. Bolt the steel brace to the main beam. Put a washer and a nut on to. Repeat this step. Turn the beam and repeat.

Step 7

Put the bean brackets on the legs with a steel brace.

Use two 6 inch bolts with washer and nuts the other end of the steel brace to the legs. Repeat.

Step 8

Put on the swing seats and secure the set with s hooks.

Place the swing set in an right standing postition. Put the S hook on to theĀ  eyebolts (eight). Your swing seat should be hanging from the s hooks. Close the openings on the s hooks firmly with a pair of pliers so the swings are not in danger of coming off when in use.

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About the Author: Jason Prickett loves to write about home maintenance and stuff you can do yourself instead of hiring any professional. His step by step guides will assist you in completing your home maintenance tasks.

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