How to Build a Roller Coaster Model

Building a model roller coaster is a great  idea to do at school or with the family. It’s also an excellent way to get familiar about the laws of physics. Most roller coasters begin with a spurt of power to propel it. During the rest of the ride, centripetal force is the motion behind the roller coaster car. Before you start constructing a roller coaster model, you need to have a plan to follow. Your design should include measurements for the track. Make your measurements as accurate as possible. The better the plan for a track is, the better the roller coaster model will perform. Here’s how you can  build your own custom  roller coaster model. Continue reading on.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You’ll Need:




Nails, screws or glue


Toy car or marble

Scenery (optional)

Step 1

Gather the materials you need. These materials used will depend on the kind of roller coaster model you plan on building. Plastic, wood and metal are all good options. You also need materials to secure the roller coaster together like nails, screws, bolts and nuts.

Step 2

Construct your base. Usually the base is comprised of wood. Mark the positions where the screws will be to hold the roller coaster together. Drill the holes. Paint your base the color of your choice at this point. Allow the base to dry completely before proceeding. Once the roller coaster is assembled, it may be hard to paint the details on the roller coaster.

Step 3

Build the track for your new roller coaster. Begin with laying the track that attaches to the board. If your track attaches to the board in a straight line, glue the entire length onto the base. Work from the bottom up. Pay attention to all the details. Make the curves and twist details then attach them to the track.

Step 4

Place toy cars on the roller coaster. Some people like to use things like marbles and other materials. You can be as creative as you can imagine with your custom made roller coaster.

Step 5

Add some nice, creative scenery to your roller coast model. You should aim to make your roller coaster look as authentic as possible. Add elements like trees, grass, trash cans or benches. You may even want to add small figurines to the model.

Step 6

Test run your roller coaster and make sure it is functioning properly. Enjoy your new roller coaster with your family or school mates.

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