How to Build a Pyramid

Egyptian ideology and culture is fascinating and alluring to many people. This ancient culture and its contribution to humanity are tremendous. A popular element of ancient Egyptian culture is the pyramids. If you or your family is interested in this element of antiquity then learning to build a pyramid model would be the perfect hobby for you. This project is both interesting and can be educational. You can learn a great deal about the pyramids by learning to build a scaled down model. Here’s is a great way for you to expand your knowledge of a marvelous civilization and the pyramids by building your own pyramids. Read on.

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You’ll Need:

  • Plaster of Paris, wood, Styrofoam or modeling clay
  • Knife or cutting tool
  • Sketch paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Sand-colored paint
  • Paint sealer
  • Glue

Step 1

Plan a design for your pyramid. Research the subject and find pictures in books or via internet to make an accurate observation. Sketch the pyramid. Historically, the ancient Egyptians built the real pyramids out of  heavy stones. To make your model realistic, construct your pyramid out of blocks. Use wooden blocks if you want to build a temporary model. You can continue your research to verify if your pyramid can be made from a scale model representation of the actual pyramids.

Step 2

Make a list of all the materials you will need to complete the model pyramid project. You may choose to work with wood and Styrofoam. However, Plaster of Paris and clay are much easier to build this pyramid out of. You will need a glue or other adhesive if you plan to use plaster, wood or Styrofoam.

Step 3

Begin at the base of your model and move up. If you elected to use Plaster of Paris for your pyramid, you can place the substance to inside an ice tray to form the blocks. Before you put the Plaster of Paris inside the ice trays, coat the ice tray with petroleum jelly. This allows for easy removal once the substance begins to set.

Step 4

Use a sharp knife to remove the edges of your Styrofoam or clay. Sand the edges of the pyramid with sand paper when it is dry. Also, use sand paper for plaster and wood. It gives better control for smoothing the edges. Level to make sure edges are even.

Step 5

Paint your pyramid any color of your choice. You can use natural colors to make it as realistic as possible.

Step 6

Use sealant to protect your pyramid. This help preserve your efforts for a long time to come. Enjoy.

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