How to Build a Mini Catapult

One of the fun toys can be small sized catapults. One can easily make one at home by using a spoon as a lever. Though this can be made in a jiffy but there is another method to make a small sized catapult which can not only look more fascinating but also be much more fun to have!


  • chopsticks six in number
  • disposable cup preferably made of plastic
  • elastic bands medium sized in large numbers
  • some plastic modeling material or sticky tack
  • permanent ink marker or a pen


  1. On a table with a flat surface with the help of three chopsticks make a triangle .The ends of the chopsticks should overlap each other. Secure these overlapped ends tightly with the elastic bands.
  2. Make a pyramid which can stand freely by connecting the three sticks which are left which you have not used in the making of the triangle. Tie up the chopsticks together with the help of the elastic bands. While doing these keep the slimmer ends of your chopsticks at the top and the heavier ones at the base so that they give more support and stability to the pyramids.
  3. With the help of the pen make three holes on the base and make sure that they should be spaced at an equal distance.
  4. Through each hole you have made at the base of the cup secure one plastic band and tie them tightly.
  5. Turn the pyramid till you have the triangle in front of you. Now the opening of the cup should also be in front of you. Then on the each corner of the cup take one end of all the elastic bands and tie them so that you have the cup hanging in the air

Now your catapult is ready for use and you can go ahead and have fun! All you have to do now to choose what you want to load it with so once you load your ammunition into the cup, go ahead for your great moment. Pull the cup back and release! But while doing this keep holding on to the pyramid from behind so that so that you can give it extra backing and support.


  • Do this project under adult supervision.
  • Be careful with the choice of your ammunition material. Purpose is to have fun and not to hurt anyone.
  • If you want, you can use pencils, straws or tiny sticks in the place of chopsticks. Though the substitute material can also be used but the catapult will not be as strong as it was when made with chopsticks.

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