How to Build a Deck Bench

With the help of this article can learn easily how to build up your own movable deck bench with the things listed below. First the tools needed are determined for the construction of move able deck bench. Then read the plan given below so that you can get the idea of constructing the move able deck benches so easily. Depending on the move able deck bench size the materials are required.

The materials required for the construction of move able deck benches are the circular saw, the socket set and the wrenches, the hammer, the driller, the sander, the router, the screwdriver and the sandpapers for smoothing the surface of the hard boards. You might also need Copper Nails to use as rivets or with decorative heads.

The instructions to build up the movable deck bench are given below by step wise.

First for  the base of move able deck bench use 4×4 posts, even by seeing the figure one you can get more details like the dimensions, the size, the design and the length of the bench going to construct. The Pieces of bench boards are set on the flat surface for construction and then drill the holes on the board with the help of the drillers. Then Count the sink holes made and then the washers. For every three feet length one base of the bench is made.

For the seat pieces of moveable deck bench use 2×4 or 2×2’s inches of board and they are placed or arranged 1/2 inches or 1/8 of inches apart from each other. With the gap distance of 1/9 inches in between them i used nine such 2×2 boards. By using the decking screws at the end of board seats i have attached them all together. Make sure of the gap between each of the boards that all are of equal before attaching each other. By using the decking screws attach them in the place where it is needed for construction. Then the moveable deck bench is finished with its basic construction, after this the constructed bench has to be well polished by using sandpapers for smoothing the surface of boards and also the rough edges are polished. The Heads of screw are driven by inches of 1/2 below the flat surface of the each board. Then cut the trim boards in the dimension of 21×4 inches, they are attached by using the decking screws into the bases and the seats of the moveable deck bench board. Then finally smooth the seat boards with sandpapers of sand or by round over bit and also make the rough edges of the bench to smooth and clear. At last paint the moveable deck bench which is constructed and placed in the place where it is needed with the desired color of your choice.

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