How to Build a Catapult?

Catapult is a device that is used to throw a projective over a long distance, but without the use of energy from explosives. In its most primitive form, it served as a war weapon and was used extensively in bygone eras. It finds its origins in Greece and was used by the Greeks as well as the Romans during warfare. It was indeed a very effective weapon to disable enemy armies and it was also used in trenches in World War One.

Here are some easy tips on how to build a catapult.


If you have been wondering about this device and want to build one, you can find many different versions on how to build it. Since building an enormous catapult is not something practical, we can consider build a small model first and then putting imagination to use to build a bigger version with more components and intricacies.


Let’s take a look at how to build a catapult.

  • A catapult basically consists of three parts which are swinger, base, and anchor.  Building a catapult requires that you build each of these parts. Lets’ start with the base of the catapult.
  • Building a catapult base is easy. You just have to make a rectangular formation with something like wood stock or PVC pipes. Ensure that you put the pipes or the wood sticks really firm. The strength of your catapult is largely based on the firmness you put into making the base.
  • Next comes the swinger. The swinger is the object that is going to throw the projectile. Calculate a length based on how far you want to throw the projective and cut the sticks and the pipes accordingly. You have to build a frame for the swinger which becomes the anchor. In order to do this you have to affix two sticks at a 45 degree angle at either ends of one side of the rectangular base. Now these angle formations have to be secured.
  • In order to do this, you have to take two sticks and close off the angle formations at their open side and secure each at the base. This forms a triangle-like formation at one side of the base. Do this on the other side of the base as well. Once the triangular formations are ready, connect their top angle through a stick. Mark the middle portion of this stick as the place where the swinger ill be placed,
  • Finally a plastic thread connecting one side of the base to the other must be drawn. Make a hole on either side of the base and parallel to the stick to connecting the triangular frames. Put the string through the holes and connect the swinger with it also. The swinger should make a right angle at the base.

With these tips, I am sure you never have to ever wonder about how to build a catapult again.

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About the Author: Daniel Sherwin holds a degree in Chemistry and plans to be a scientist sometime soon. He finds himself very close to the nature. Currently, he is living in New York, USA.

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