How to Build a Castle

Castles are magnificent structures which represent defense and stood as symbol for pride, wisdom, power, courage and rule by the time of middle ages predominantly. They are made of marvelous architecture and designs that could make one eyes pop out to get help from an experienced architect, visit There are certain unique features for a castle like drawbridges, portcullises and battlements that serve as a protection sort from the invaders. These places acted as the residence to the kings and queens. Materials that are required to build are wood, brick, stone, metal and sand. Tools that are essential are Stone clutters, Ditch diggers, an aerial lift rentaland Tread wheel crane and of course experienced operators need to be hired for the job, not anyone can be a crane operator, they need to have the proper qualifications. Instructions for building a castle are as follows. First step is finding a right place for construction. The selected place must have wonderful greenery and adequate space to construct a grandeur castle. You may also need using construction equipment like rebar chairs into the proper position when tying to rebar to save time and labor. Ground should be spacious and adjacent to countryside. Next step is to dig a moat as defense which has major role not only in defense mechanism but also acts as a wonderful fish pool.

It will expensive so you should decide the moat depth accordingly. You can line concrete on all the sides of the pool sealing with hardened plastic and with traditional stone for enhancing its beauty.

The main function is to lay down the foundation and it can either be done with concrete or stone. If you have an idea about having a courtyard or inner wall, sufficient area has to be left by filling dirt or concreting. With the mortar or concrete, stack the stones on the top like a sandwich for making walls and make sure to use appropriate sized stones as it determines the walls strength. Additional features can be added in this process at this stage like doors, tiny holes, windows, etc. This should be done along with the wall construction. Bigger holes were placed in the walls earlier and in case of have glass windows, it must be fixed earlier itself.

The final stage of castle building is the roof construction. Either wood or stone can be used as to protect the castle from archers who throws arrows. The finishing touch is done by fixing a flag on the top point of the building and thus you have your castle ready to rule! Few warnings and tips have to be viewed in respect to this. Make certain that you have sufficient data about the architects and engineers beforehand to start the building process and this ensures better protection to those living in. In ancient times, electricity and plumbing were not done for castles and so you must know it from the experts in connection with the proper safety arrangement. While building walls, make sure that stones are stacked up in an overlapping pattern so as to enhance the stability.

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