How to Build a Brick Fire Pit

Are you trying to bring any new additional features and beauty to your garden, and then probably you should try for a fire pit built using the bricks. Though it is an inexpensive method to add beauty, it’s pretty tough to build a fire pit in bricks.

You will need bricks, cement, water, shovel, skill to build it. Get a Haulage quote for transporting all the heavy goods. The tools required are trowel, level, stakes, strings, hammer, nails, sand, rebar, bits of grill, wheel barrow as well as Gas Equipment Installation. Once you work hard and finish the job of building the fire pit using the bricks, then it will be a nice place to cook in, having fun in chilly winter nights. Before starting the outdoor fire pit installation, make sure that it is perfectly legal to build fire pit in your locality.

  • The first step is to find an appropriate place for building the fire pit, make sure that it is far away from the pet animals and kids. There should not be any flammable products lying around the place. Construct it away from plants and trees as it would affect them with heat. Have a good construction plan, have a proper size of circle or oval, go for an ordinary size as big sizes would lead to weak fire pits.
  • Next step is to dig a small pit of around one feet, it must accommodate the wood for burning, please do have a thought of it. The size of the fire pit can be circle, oval, or even square depending on your wish. Most people would prefer a circle shaped fire pit. If you don’t know how to place bricks along with cement to fix it, better bring professionals, otherwise the fire pit will collapse bringing almost fire accidents.
  • Place some bricks on the ground so that the woods are not left to the ground. The outside of the pit must be around 30 feet from ground to keep in the fire though there is heavy wind. Then start the process of building the pit, if you are not skilled enough better go for professional to building it. To make the pit much appealing you can make some additional decorative things like attractive paints. You can also use tails, but it would absorb heat and radiation will be slow. Always go for an extra ring of the bricks to bring it extra stability and durability. If they are very loose or weak, they can easily topple off.
  • Fire pit is indeed a good thing to have in your backyard. It would be perfect for winter seasons. At the same time safety must be a great concern as it is fire being used. Make sure the children don’t ever climb it or play in it. It would posses the heat in it for a very long time, hence be careful even after putting the fire off.

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