How to Build a Bottle Rocket

Is your dream to become any kind of a scientist, the initial process would be to build a bottle rocket of small size. If you are interested in any aeronautical practical projects, this would be a mouth watering building process.

The required materials for building bottle rockets are as follows, empty glass bottle, single inched hosed clamped, rubber cement, long nails, paint thinner, junction box, wood screws, test-tube stopper, etc,. The tolls required are hammer, scissors, compass, driller, sand paper, screw driver, jigsaw, marker angle etc,.

  • First clean the glass soda bottle, remove off the stickers. There should not be any glue in it. In the balsa wood make right angle with the help of the angle. Make the edges smooth using the sand paper. They are the fins of your bottle rocket. Mark the spots in the bottle where the fins are to be fitted. Then fix all the four fins in the glass bottles. For attaching these fins use the rubber cement, and tape them with the help of making tape. Draw a 4 diameter circle and a central line from the head, so that it seems to be symmetrical from all sides.  Make a funnel shape with the opened up circle and tape it. The funnel must be glued of and point towards the sky and tape it. Give sufficient time for the glue to dry up, and then remove the tape off.
  • Once these things are finished, the next step is to build a launch pad. Get a moderate sized wood to build a launch pad. Once the launch pad is firmly screwed to ground, then the process is to fix a holder to place rocket and triggering it off. You may pre drill the holes for fitting the screws in to it. After keeping it, tight it well. Also fix a stopper nearby using the drilling, copper tubing is inserted through the hole and a compressor needs to be fixed along with it.
  • Once the launch pad construction is finished, the next step is to launch your bottle rocket. To initiate the process, pour a little amount of water to the soda bottle. Fasten the notches to the bottle’s neck. The pressure level must be correctly given for the rocket to take off successfully. Keep the pressure to 45 psi. Release the pin at the correct timing.
  • Be sure that everybody around the launching area is aware of the launching. Do not try it in a crowded place. Have the controls to start the launching quite away from the launching pad. Be innovative and try to do this with the help of other types of igniting materials, but do so only you are sure and well protected.

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