How to Block Websites ?

If you are wondering how to block a website, then here are some steps through which you can actually block websites.

Blocking websites in your computer is very easy, unluckily it’s also simple for people (especially kids for instance) to undo the changes done by you to the ‘Windows Hosts file’. If you are looking to get rid of it then we have to setup an around two user accounts.

One account would be a ‘Limited user account’ (your kids) and another account should be an administrator. The strength of the administrator password should be strong that nobody else can know it especially your kids. The ‘Limited user account(s)’ should or should not have a password, it’s not mandatory.

‘Limited user accounts’ stops people from performing any changes to the system. By doing this no one else can be able to access your computer and change the settings or delete some system files.


Setting up limited user accounts and administrator is very easy and simple, but requires some steps. So, in this article we tell you on how to make a ‘limited user account’ in vista and windows XP. We will also show how to create an administrator account.

Setup the limited user accounts and administrator before going ahead. You can block websites with the assistance of ‘Windows hosts file’.

If your kids are creating a lot of problems by going to unnecessary websites from your computer then here are a few steps through which you can block those unnecessary websites from your computer.

Here’s how:

  • Login as ‘Administrator’
  • Click Start (on the bottom left of the screen)
  • Click Run (and type where it say’s ‘start search’)
  • Type in: Drivers and then Click Enter.
  • Double Click on the ‘Etc’ folder.
  • Right Click on the ‘hosts file’ and then click properties.
  • Un-check the read-only checkmark, if checked
  • Click apply and then click ‘OK’.
  • Double Click on the ‘hosts file’.

Windows will then request you to select a program to unlock the file.

  • Select Notepad

You will then see a local host ip address just like: local host

We are then going to put in websites (that you want to block) entry like this.

Type for example (website name)

  • Click save

Now, if you try to go to the website, you just can’t.

The website you have entered will never load unless and until you remove the command from the pc.

Put in any additional domains or websites, you want to block.


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