How to Become an ATV Dealer

Planning carefully and undergoing an application process remains the first step to entering the world as boom truck rental or ATV dealer, which can prove a lucrative business. If you want long-term success, you will need to research the location where you plan to operate. You should also know about the necessary programs and rules and regulations for ATV dealerships in your state.

  • Create a business plan. You will need to decide on a business name for registration. You will also include your start-up costs and marketing plan. Research for more information about dealerships through books and online resources. Determine if you will work with a partner or function as a sole proprietor. Ensure you provide a detailed business plan to secure capital and attract investors.

  • Visit your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and familiarize yourself with the basic rules governing automotive dealerships. Consider having your business registered with the Better Business Bureau as well. This will ensure you function as a legitimate dealer and thereby add confidence for the people planning to purchasing their ATVs from you. States differ with their rules and requirements to start ATV dealerships, so review the specific rules regarding your state before you begin operating. You will also need to obtain a tax ID number.
  • Contract a wholesale dealer for ATVs. Contact manufacturers such as GoRedCat or Honda Powersports to inquire about their dealer programs and the requirements for owning and operating your own ATV dealership. They will mostly require a copy of your business permits, tax ID number, and a minimum number of purchases.
  • For low start-up costs, consider becoming a dealer online. You can become a distributor that ships bikes directly to your customers from your own home. Ensure you have a wholesale dealer for every necessary purchase and the knowledge of local prices of the ATVs you have for sale. Familiarize yourself with the shipment process and how to create an appropriate website. and emerge as some of the most beneficial online tools for selling ATVs.
  • If you plan on selling from your own store, ensure you have an appropriate location. Make sure the place has the correct zoning for an ATV dealership and enough space to display the vehicles. You must also acquire all business licenses and permits applicable to the business.
  • Create a buyer’s guide. You will need to prepare disclosure agreements and other documents, including insurance for every sales transaction you will make. Visit your state’s DMV with all the necessary information. Consider hiring a lawyer to ensure the safety of your business when creating these necessary forms.
  • Advertise sales for your ATV dealership. Plan a grand opening day to start attracting customers. Research numerous ways to advertise and get help from an automotive marketing agency.

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