How to Become an ASPCA Officer

Do you love animals, want to become an officer who can oppose the atrocities done to animals, then you better become an ASPCA official. There are some places where you can find mistreatment of animals, if you gather the proof of the mistreatment, then you can arrest the persons with the help of the police, but becoming an ASPCA official is the best way to do this.

Once you become an ASPCA officer you will have the due right ensure the safety of the animals from the wrong persons who tend to mistreat them. At present only the people residing at New York are eligible for becoming an ASPCA officer, as it is the only state with enforcement of humane law. Some statistics say that, around 400 to 500 cases of animal cruelty are being investigated by the ASPCA officers every month and there are about 100 to 150 arrests in a year.

There are some strict requirements for you to apply for the post of ASPCA officer. You’ve got to be 21 years old, have a diploma in high school, must possess a driving license, and pass a firearm training course. The most important thing is that, you have to be a citizen of both the United States of America and New York. Get More Info here for some firearm webinars, these webinars will let you learn more about proper handling of firearm.

You must have the love towards the animals. Once selected there are some test of fire arms, which he is expected to clear in flying colors, in order to carry fire arms with him. Once you find yourself fully qualified for the job, then surf for ASPCA page in the internet and apply for the job if you find any, navigate here!

Some of the other jobs related to animal cruelty would also be posted there. While filling the application be very careful, remember you are applying for one of the competitive jobs. Always furnish a resume or a cover letter.

There are different types of benefits that you can enjoy, along with the satisfaction of helping and protesting against the atrocities done to the animals. The salary will be around 45,000 dollars every year. There are also some additional money as medical allowances.

Once you are selected, the first 12 months will be a training process. Here you will have a good training process of the duties of the ASPCA officer and also in handling the firearms like the Firearms Simulator. The main purpose is to make you an experienced person while joining the job.

The main purpose of these ASPCA officers being appointed is to protect the animals from bad treatment and cruelty. Once you come across such incidents, you are supposed to investigate and issue summons, if you find them guilty. The ASPCA faculties are expected to prepare a report of each and every case that they investigate. Many ASPCA official educate students and the public, to stop the cruelty against the animals.

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