How To Become a Member of Library of Congress with an ID?

It is said to be the world’s best excellent source for the research works, project works, finding the significant books of great importance with historical facts and also can be made use for the fun project. It also holds a variety of age old manuscripts with high values. Do you know which the biggest library is? It is the one library which holds name for being the biggest.

  • The library updates at least 10,000 new books day by day into 22 new rooms that are open for proper identification. You can step in for the steps to find for becoming a member of this reputed library.

  • The prime task to be done is to know reader identification card .It is necessary that you have to take your valid driver’s license and also the passport of yours to the building named   Madison. Reaching there you can find the Reader Registration center at Washington DC 20540. Its contact information numbers are (202) 707-8000.Its online website host address is .This is the website which could give you instructions according to your queries.
  • If you are about to use the library for the research you need to show the proof as that you are a researcher. They won’t grant reader identity card unless you prove yourself to be a researcher. Another thing is that the high school students authorized by the library before to that a reader card will be allowed.
  • You will be given an application by the concerned official person. You need have to fill in it with the valid passport photo for the identification and also the driver’s license id or it can be even a passport. Adding to that filling of the application by the librarian you will also have to fill in the application in a computer. Such as you need to fill in the basic information about you, you’re parents, the address of communication and also contacts. You will also have to enter the research topic you are interested in. You need to fill in the registration number in the form assigned by the computer.
  • You will have to then digitize both the photos and also the signature of yourself. After a few moments you will be issued a digitized library card from then you are a new reader with the new ID.
  • You will have to follow the guidelines printed in the card and maximize the library card for the purposes you sought for.

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