How to be Free of PMS and Headaches

Many women struggle with PMS and headaches. Without any medication on hand, though, how can you lessen their effects? Most women don’t need to pop a pill at all to remedy their PMS or headache, since there are natural ways to relieve the pain they cause. Here are some tips that might help

  • Spread your right hand. There is a spot between your thumb and your pointer or index finger. See the skin that rises up? That is the area you will be targeting. If you can’t find it, you can move your thumb up and down; you can identify it as the spot that is stretchable. This is what natural practitioners call the “tension spot.” This spot can regulate the tension brought about by your PMS or headache.
  • With your left thumb, gently press it to the spot. The pressure point should be a little lower in place. Once you have found it, you can press it a little. You should feel a little discomfort, but that indicates you are in the right spot.

      • Once you find the pressure point, use your left hand’s middle finger and thumb to gently push and massage the spot. Massage the pressure point in a circular motion and gently push the pressure point. You should feel a little pain, but continue doing so for about 80 seconds.
      • After doing this with your right hand, you can now do it on your left hand. After this you should feel no pain from your PMS or headache. In addition, when you experience PMS problems you should make sure you lie on your left side when lying down. This is because the stomach is usually in the left side of your body. Lying in this position will take the pressure off your uterus and relieve your cramps. This method should take the pain away and stop the cramps if you practice it regularly during your period.
      • You can also try drinking ginger tea. Ginger is effective in reducing headaches and menstrual pain related to PMS. Alternately, you can buy a ginger or menthol balm to apply to the temples of your head.

            Tips and Warning

            • Gentle massages can relive pain in the abdomen, too.
            • You can take a warm bath when you get home. This will relieve your PMS cramps.
            • Exercise daily. Exercising helps reduce symptoms brought about by PMS. Exercising two weeks before your period will help you deal with cramps as well.
            • Avoid consuming too much sugar and salts. These will worsen your menstrual cramps.

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            About the Author: Andrew Reinert is a health care professional who loves to share different tips on health and personal care. He is a regular contributor to MegaHowTo and lives in Canada.

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