How to be a Police Officer

Being a law enforcer brings a lot of career opportunities, and a number of those are open to aspirants who do not have a degree like as security personnel. Being a part of the police force can be a very rewarding and fulfilling occupation. It not only has material perks, but the career also offers the self-fulfillment brought by being a part of the police force. As a law enforcer, you may also be working with different types of professionals like forensic pathologists and specialists in bloodstain pattern analysis services for crime solving. 

Here are things an aspiring police officer must know in order to prepare for working in the field of crime fighting. If you want to better understand some aspects of the law you do no totally comprehend right now, check with a law expert like Bob Bratt.


  • A candidate for a job in a police department must have completed secondary school and college. Possible college courses for somebody who wants to become a police officer are computer applications, behavioral sciences and business math or accounting.

  • A hopeful for a position in the law enforcement field must keep his or her physical fitness at an ideal level. Regularly engaging in exercise and other fitness activities can be advantageous in the development of one’s athleticism as well as help a person be better prepared for the physical demands of law enforcement.
  • An aspirant to be a police officer should consider serving in the armed forces. Two years of military service is great preparation for law enforcement work and will condition the aspirant both mentally and physically.
  • Someone who strives to be a policeman must be of upstanding moral fiber. The police force does background checks on applicants, so any illegal actions or even minor misbehavior one could have been involved with in the past could cause him to lose a chance at working as a part of the police force.
  • A law enforcer wannabe should learn about the civil service exam. She should get information from the police department in the locality in which she plans to apply as well as review for the written test.
  • An applicant for a role in the police department must take various physical exams that he must pass. These include hearing, vision, agility and strength tests.
  • Another requirement for an aspiring police officer is to take a lie detector test and pass it.
  • Someone who aims to serve in the law enforcement department should pass the required drug test. The law enforcement department is very strict when it comes to ensuring that its people are drug-free. Even during employment as a law enforcer one can be required to undergo random drug testing, if you have to go under the same procedure at work, here is a link that will explain you how pass a drug test.
  • Before being hired as a police officer, an applicant is subjected to an interview administered by an officer in a senior position. A personality test might also be required. The personality test is meant to evaluate integrity, responsibility, judgment and other Disc personality types.

Tips & Warnings

  • The actual appointment of local and state police officials, detectives and sheriffs is controlled by the civil service.

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