How to Balance Work and Play

We live in an age where everything is pressed toward work. From sun up to sun down, society expects people to work nonstop. Now that our economy is struggling in the global financial crisis, more and more people push themselves in their work since it is one of the primary tools for survival. But this does not mean we are not allowed a little pleasure outside of work. To be successful and productive you must know how to balance work and pleasure.

  • Organize. You can do many things to organize your life. Start by sorting through tasks to determine which most need your attention. This will help you segregate your tasks into groups, allowing you to list before the day starts the things you need to accomplish that day to become more efficient. You can also buy a planner to use to remind you of your daily tasks and previous work you did that might need further attention.

  • Match the day with work and playtime. You can prioritize your day’s work, but it does not have to be a hindrance for the other things you have to do. Add in a little time for brief play and relaxation. List and post notes that read “dinner with friends” or “check out the new music store.” These little indulgences can make a big difference in being efficient at work. When a person is relaxed and recharged, he will be more productive.
  • Examine your work hours. You may have a full 40-hour (or greater) work load per week. Upon getting home you may not feel a single bit of energy left in your body, and in a few hours you’ll have to return to work. When you feel your work is taking the best of you or feel burned out or burndend by your working hours, you have a few options. Check out other companies that have the same working hours but considerably lesser work loads, or ask management that your Saturday and Sunday be free of work responsibilities.
  • Learn to say “NO.” Sometimes it can be difficult to turn down a friend after she asks you for help. Learn how to decline when you feel you have a lot to do, and never accept too many tasks or responsibilities. Tell friends that before helping them you need to check your schedule to see if you can fit in something else.
  • Hire someone. If work has been taking a lot from your time, you can make use of your resources to minimize your tasks. Hire an accountant to manage your taxes or a gardener to take care of the lawn. You can even hire a baby sitter so you can have some alone time to go to the gym. Remember that you don’t have to manage it all by yourself.

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About the Author: Vanessa Page works a career counselor in one of the leading firms in Los Angeles. She is also a blogger and gives tips on how people can tackle their work and career issues. She has 8 years of experience in this field.

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